jack & bobby finale

Still moving. I’ll be so happy in 2 weeks when it’s all over.

I’m waaayyy behind on my TV shows but I have caught a few episodes here and there…

Jack & Bobby
I guess Berlanti and Schlamme had no faith that the show would be renewed because the finale really felt like the end. And they ended up being right, sadly. It’s too bad because I thought the show had hit a great stride and I was looking forward to what was to come in the second season. Oh well. At least the (series) finale really delivered for me as a Jack fan (I’ve long thought he’s been a bit shafted with regards to significant storylines). I loved seeing him meet his father (I got so choked up in those scenes) and also enjoyed learning about his future as a public defender and later as a Congressman. Looking back at my initial thoughts on the show, I never would have imagined that I would be sad about its cancellation. Stupid WB! I just hope the show is someday released on DVD.

NOOOO!!! NOT. TONY. $#@! OF COURSE, after Tony and Michelle get it together (aww, they kissed!), they have Tony go out in the field and get taken hostage. Argh. And by MANDY! Wowzers. I seriously gasped when I saw Mia Kirshner. That was a damn good surprise.

American Idol
Final 2 will be Bo and Carrie.

It looks the Network Upfronts have started this week and so far, there’s not too much to be happy about…

They moved Alias to Thursdays?!? WHY?!? It was so great following Lost. UGH. And they picked up a sitcom starring Freddie Prinze, Jr? Huh.

Very weak line-up. There’s 2 versions of The Apprentice for goodness sake! (Although I have to admit I am contemplating checking out the Martha Stewart version, hee). Plus, they moved The West Wing to Sundays. Lame.

They cancelled Jack & Bobby. GRR. AND THEN they MOVED One Tree Hill to Wednesdays at 8 (what?!) and also MOVED Smallville and Everwood to Thursdays (double what?!?). I thought all 3 shows worked well on their current nights. *grumble, grumble*

Anyway, Star Wars tomorrow! I’m so excited. 😀