comic-con 2013: days 2-4

Finally getting around to the wrap-up of Comic-Con 2013!

Friday, July 19
On Friday, my ONLY goal was to make it in to Ballroom 20 for the Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. panel. Spoiler: we made it in! But before the main attraction, we sat through some other fun panels like…

The Big Bang Theory writers’ panel. Melissa Rauch moderated and we were treated to a fun cameo by…

Johnny Galecki! He was dressed as Princess Leia’s Bounty Hunter and surprised the audience when he took off the mask while asking the writers panel a question. The following day I saw him just lounging around outside of the Hilton Bayfront. So cool to just randomly have celebrity sightings during Comic-Con.

I stopped watching Bones a season or two ago but the panel was still super entertaining… because David Boreanaz was so over the top and ridiculous. He was making snarky comments, talking over the other members of the panel, basically being an attention whore. UGH. So disappointing.

THEN!!! IT WAS TIME. The Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. panel! The entire main cast was in attendance along with the writers/producers and Joss Whedon himself.

The fresh faces — Chloe Bennet, Iain De Caestecker, and Elizabeth Henstridge.

The veterans + one more newbie — Clark Gregg (COULSON LIVES!), Ming-Na Wen (gawd, she doesn’t age), and newcomer Brett Dalton (cute!).

And Joss.

After introducing the cast, they went straight to questions, which is a little weird but ok. There were 1 or 2 real fan questions until a “plant” asked when we were going to see clips from the pilot. Joss responded that there would be no clips due to ABC/Disney legal issues so instead they were going to show the entire episode. !!!

I don’t know if I was caught up in the moment of watching the pilot for the first time with an entire ballroom room full of other excited/crazed fans but I *really* loved it and I’m crossing my fingers that it does well (it’s up against juggernaut NCIS). There’s a lot of potential with this show to add depth to the current Marvel/Avengers cinematic universe. The cast was solid (the majority of them are pretty green but Joss has a proven track record of finding talented unknowns so I’m not too worried), there are tons of Whedon-esque touches from the pacing of the dialogue to the quick quips, and just enough mythology to get you invested without giving away too much right away. I can’t wait to see it again when it premieres on Tue, 9/24. WATCH IT!

Saturday, July 20
So this was a day of EPIC FAIL. Initially our plan was to head to the Indigo Ballroom to try and see a series of panels including Geek & Sundry, The Originals, Nerdist and Warehouse 13. We were in line and though we would have missed the Geek & Sundry panel as it was already filled to capacity, we were pretty much guaranteed to get in for the others.

But when we saw how “short” the Hall H line was for all the big movie studio panels, we jumped ship to that line thinking we could get in.

So instead of sitting in comfort in the Indigo Ballroom, we sat outside in the hot sun for SIX HOURS… FOR NOTHING BECAUSE WE DID NOT GET IN TO HALL H AT ALL.

IDIOTS. I REGRET THIS DAY because it was such an epic waste of time. And standing in line wasn’t the only bad decision I made. I had a ticket to get an autographed book so Rob kept our place in line while I ran to the exhibit hall — but the line to pick up the book was so long that I panicked thinking I wouldn’t get back to the Hall H line in time so I left. UGH. The Hall H line never moved so I totally could have gotten the book. I JUST… I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO SAY ANYMORE. Luckily, I can laugh about it now… a little. LOL.

Since we did nothing but stand in line on Saturday, I’ll just share some random pics that I took over the course of the Con…

Ahhhh, I have a love/hate relationship with the show floor. So much good stuff to see (and buy!) but DAMN it’s crowded. ALL THE TIME.

Iron Man-related awesomeness.

The A-Team van.

The video game section of the floor. We rarely spend too much time here because it’s always a zoo. I love it when the various companies are previewing an interactive game like Just Dance or that Star Wars game where you’re wielding a lightsaber because it’s hilarious to watch everyone try it out. Sadly not this year.

I can always find stuff to take pictures with…

Me as a superhero. 🙂

With an Ewok.

AND WITH DOMO!!! Love him.

The Warner Brothers booth is probably THE WORST booth to walk by because there is always something going on (like free giveaways or cast signings) that TONS of people crowd around it, which causes massive traffic flow problems. I’ve learned to avoid the booth unless absolutely necessary. But I happened to be in the vicinity when I realized that the cast of Arrow was signing…

SO OF COURSE I wiggled my way through the crowd to get a few snaps of them (I couldn’t get close enough to where they were sitting so these photos of them on the screens will have to do). I adore this trio of Stephen Amell, Emily Bett Rickards and David Ramsey.

Lots of events & exhibits to see outside as well. Comic-Con isn’t limited to the convention center anymore — it pretty much takes over downtown San Diego.

Warner Bros’s “Lawn Con” featured this awesome Lego model of Bag End from The Hobbit. It took 2.5MM Legos & 3,000 hours to build this model!

Didn’t go inside but Ender’s Game had a huge fan experience exhibit that featured props and costumes from the movie.

Random mini golf brought to you by FOX.

These street signs were particularly awesome. Right across from the convention center at the trolley stop, HBO had street signs installed IN DOTHRAKI (click for bigger). It’s a “blink and you’ll miss it” kind of thing. So subtle and AWESOME.

I’m not so great at taking cosplay photos (mostly because it’s so crowded that I hate asking someone to stop) but I managed to get this one and it’s my favorite…

Sharknado. HAHAHAHAHA.

Sunday, July 21
On the last day we headed back to the exhibit hall for last minute purchases (if you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw all our loot… we are ridiculous)…

Then I got to meet up with a good friend for lunch. It was a wonderful way to end our time at the Con.

Goodbye and good night San Diego!

For more pics from Comic-Con, check our Flickr here.