comic-con 2014: part 2

I know San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone but I still have a few more photos I’d like to share so hopefully you’ll indulge me. 🙂

As much as I enjoy the panels, I actually think my favorite part of SDCC is walking through the exhibit hall. It’s a visual treat with all the booths promoting and/or selling a variety of products. It does get incredibly crowded, though, so we visit the hall a little bit each day.

Guardians of the Galaxy was about a week from its release at the time of SDCC so there was a lot of buzz and excitement surrounding the movie (I highly recommend it, by the way — definitely one of my favorites of the year).

The Marvel booth had this great green screen photo opportunity. We didn’t realize it was a line-up, though, or Rob & I wouldn’t have posed so close together, heh.

We got a first look at Peter Quill’s mining pod.

With Rocket Raccoon, my favorite!

We found this awesome Iron Man Hall of Armor at Sideshow Collectibles.

Warner Brothers was all about promoting their DC Comics connection. Arrow is one of my favorite shows right now and I’m super excited for both Gotham and The Flash to premiere too.

I love Ugly Doll Batman!

Hot Wheels had a huge version of their new Darth Vader vehicle.

With Optimus Prime.

Rob playing Pac-Man over on the video game section of the floor.

Another green screen photo opportunity — this time for an Alien video game. We are *such* amazing actors. Look at the fear on our faces! HA. We are so ridiculous.

Outside of the “official” SDCC events & activities, I love visiting Zachary Levi’s Nerd HQ. It was the event’s fourth year and it keeps getting bigger and better (though unfortunately it’s also starting to suffer from the same issues as SDCC — high demand, limited access).

Here’s Rob trying out the Anki Drive (basically a racing car game that’s cool but super unwieldy because of the cost and space commitment for the setup).

We managed to snag tickets to two Nerd HQ panels (aka Conversations for a Cause)…

First up was Stephen Amell, my latest celebrity crush (he plays the titular character of Arrow on the CW).

He’s SO CUTE. 🙂 Plus, he also seems really accessible and genuine.

While I was re-watching the panel here, I spotted Rob and myself in the audience. Can you find us in the above screenshot? LOL.

After the panel, Stephen had some time to do “Smiles for Smiles,” which are photos with fans in exchange for a $20 donation to the charity Operation Smile. The initial announcement was that he would have time to do them individually for those of us who attended his panel but it took awhile to get started so by the time we got close to the front of the line, the staff told us we had to do them in random groups of 6-8 in order to fit everyone in before he had to leave. It was a little disappointing but still so cool to say Hi to him face to face. He’s so tall! Rob even got a handshake.

The other panel we attended was supposed to be for Joss Whedon but right before SDCC, he had to have emergency knee surgery. !!!

It ended up being a Mystery Panel with Nathan Fillion as the unofficial moderator! Apparently he pressured Liam McIntyre, Chloe Bennet, Seth Green and Alan Tudyk to participate in the panel. It was a great mix of people and they were hilarious!

It’s worth watching/listening if you have about an hour — the video is here. My favorite moments include Nathan & Seth’s acting advice for Chloe when she has lines full of computer jargon and the stories they shared about being intimidated by Joss.

About halfway through the panel, Joss joined the panel (via Skype)! Nathan told him they were just discussing moments when they were intimidated by him and Joss responded “there were moments when you weren’t?” LOL. He went on to say that “it’s nice to know it takes five people to equal one of me. It really is my multiple personalities and I’m so psyched part of me is a hot chick because I always thought so.” OH MAN. He’s so quick-witted. Or maybe it was the pain meds he was on, haha. It was so awesome for him to take the time to make an appearance.

This panel was pretty much one of the highlights.

And that was our time at Comic-Con 2014! Hopefully we’ll be back again in 2015.

For more pics, check our Flickr here.