fall tv 14

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving (if you celebrate)!

Oh man. I haven’t blogged about TV in 2 years. TWO years! That’s insane.

I’m still watching A LOT of TV but not participating in online discussions or general fandom anymore. That’s what happens when you get older — no more time! But I still like sharing my random thoughts so thought I’d list my TV schedule here… 🙂

Brooklyn 99
– LOLARIOUS. I never used to be a sitcom person but I’ve come around lately. The characters make this show for me. They get into some of the most ridiculous situations but somehow it all works because they’re all so well drawn. My absolute favorite is Captain Holt. His deadpan delivery is AWESOME.

The Good Wife – Still one of my favorite shows on the air right now. But I’m bummed that they’re finally giving Cary a real storyline and it’s kind of killing his character.

I gave up on Once Upon a Time last season when they introduced Peter Pan. Didn’t work for me at all. I wonder if the new Frozen arc is worth trying to catch up.

– I want to like this show much more than I do. The idea of exploring Gotham before Batman is intriguing. Plus I have a soft spot for Ben McKenzie. Unfortunately this has not become appointment viewing. I can’t pinpoint exactly why that is — I guess a combination of the formulaic weekly procedural storylines and the show taking itself too seriously. Also not a fan of Barbara.

Stopped watching The Originals. I got all the way through the first season but it just wasn’t grabbing me (not even with the promise of seeing Elijah every week :P). Also gave up on The Blacklist. The characters drove me crazy.

One of my favorite nights of television!
The Mindy Project – THE BEST! I adore this show. And absolutely love the theme song. I do wish they could find more for Jeremy to do, though. I’m still not sure why they had to introduce Peter — they just sidelined Jeremy even more! Sigh.

New Girl – Still watching but it’s not my favorite. Mostly because they’ve gone SUPER over the top with the characterizations. Like, Schmidt is just straight up crazy now. He used to be my favorite!

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD – Ahhh, this show. Last season was rough. It was promising in the beginning, then it hit a creative rut, and finally it reached its potential once it had the chance to capitalize on Captain America’s storyline over in the cinematic universe. That momentum has definitely carried over to this season — I just wish the creative resurgence would equal a rise in ratings too!

The Flash – My favorite new show of the season. This show spun out of my other favorite show Arrow. It’s considerably lighter and funnier and that’s a good thing. They need to loop in poor Iris, though — her pretty much being the only main character who doesn’t know about Barry’s alter ego makes her look really clueless.

I also watched the first episode of Selfie and didn’t love it (I guess lots of people felt the same way since it’s been cancelled). I love John Cho, though — why can’t he get cast on a good show?!

– Love this show. It’s probably my favorite right now. The storylines are entertaining and I really truly like the cast and characters. They make me root for the show so hard. I even like Laurel. I just wish they knew what to do with her.

ABC Comedy Block – Modern Family, Black-ish, The Goldbergs – Lately I’ve been enjoying sitcoms more and more — mostly because there’s less of a time commitment and almost no emotional investment, lol. I was a little worried Black-ish would be cringe-worthy but I think it balances thoughtful commentary with comedy really well. And The Goldbergs is just a gem.

Big Bang Theory – I do think they could do better by the female characters but I find the show entertaining so I guess I’m not that easily offended.

How To Get Away With Murder – UGH. This show is not good. AND YET I KEEP WATCHING. The mystery and terrible characters keep me coming back. I can’t help it. It’s a short season, 15 episodes, so I’m going to stick it out.

Scandal – I’m not sure why I watch this show either. I enjoyed the fast pace and shock value of the first two seasons but now I’m having a hard time rooting for anyone. I’m a sucker, though, so I’m sure I’ll finish off the season to satisfy my curiosity.

I’ve also been recording The Vampire Diaries but haven’t felt compelled to watch. I guess I have vampire fatigue.

Hawaii 5-0
– Yes, I still watch this show. The cases of the week are pretty weak but I’m here for the characters and their relationships anyway.

I’ll watch Glee, Hart of Dixie and Downton Abbey when they’re back on the air. I also want to check out Jane the Virgin.

Rob watches The Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy so I know enough to have opinions (ie. Gemma suuuuucks and I can’t wait for Jax to confront her).

I also tried watching Breaking Bad but it was so depressing and intense I couldn’t make it past the first half of season one. Homeland seemed promising but I finished the first season and just never felt the urge to keep going.

So what are all of you watching? Anything I’m missing?

fall tv 12

I’ve been a little out of the TV loop lately. I haven’t even finished reading through my Entertainment Weekly Fall TV Preview issue…

But oh well, here we go with my TV schedule (and some brief comments)!

Once Upon a Time
@ 8pm (ABC) – I can’t help but love this take on beloved fairy tale characters.
The Good Wife @ 9pm (CBS) – My absolute favorite show on the air right now. I just wish they would give Cary a storyline. He deserves better. While I’m at it, Kalinda too. Her husband suuuuucks.
Revenge @ 9pm (ABC) – Soap-y goodness.

Rob marathon-ed all of The Walking Dead over the summer so I’ll probably also get sucked into that show…

Gossip Girl
@ 9pm (CW) – Last season! *sniff* The show has seriously gone off the rails the last few seasons (and they tangled Dan/Blair in front of me and took them away) but I love it. I will miss Blair and her headbands.
Revolution @ 10pm (NBC) – I DON’T KNOW. The premise of this show has potential. But I CANNOT stand Charlie. One of the leads. This does not bode well. This one probably won’t make it past the most recent episode…
Hawaii 5-0 @ 10pm (CBS)

I stopped watching Bones and don’t miss it in the least. It was getting a little tired.

Hart of Dixie
@ 8pm (CW) – LOVE
Go On @ 9pm (NBC) – I don’t really find this sitcom that funny but Matthew Perry is the BEST. I want him to do well.
Emily Owens, MD @ 9pm (CW) – Watching for Justin Hartley.
The Mindy Project @ 9:30pm (FOX) – My favorite new show of the season.

@ 8pm (CW) – Intrigued.
Modern Family @ 9pm (ABC)
Nashville @ 10pm (ABC) – I’m at least going to check out the pilot. For Mrs. Coach (Connie Britton).

Big Bang Theory
@ 8pm (CBS)
The Vampire Diaries @ 8pm (CW)
Last Resort @ 8pm (ABC) – Enjoying this show so far. I’m hoping they start revealing more about the conspiracy — I hate when shows keep audiences in the dark too long (FlashForward and The Event come to mind). Also, how does Jessy Schram keep getting cast in shows? Is that mean of me?
Glee @ 9pm (FOX) – Still just watching solely for the musical performances. If I think about continuity or characterization or storyline at all, my head hurts from the whiplash.
Scandal @ 10pm (ABC)

@ 9pm (CW)

I also plan to watch Dexter when we can get our hands on the latest episodes. Heh.

Also, Rob and I started watching season 1 of Homeland and it is SO GOOD. We’ll have to hurry up and finish so we can get caught up.

So what are all of you planning to watch? 🙂

midseason TV

Ugh, so lazy lately. Not that I’ve been super busy. Just nothing particularly noteworthy to blog about.

BUT. I’ve been watching lots of new TV. YAY! So some thoughts…

HAHAHA. SO typical that I would watch this show. But I swear I had no idea it was a Shonda Rhimes creation. Until I watched the pilot. The rapid-fire dialogue, cliched phrases (“gladiator in a suit”) and quirky characters are a dead giveaway. And yet. I liked it. I always seem to be drawn to legal/political dramas, though. Interestingly enough, I haven’t warmed up to any of the characters. Not even Olivia (Kerry Washington). Ok, maybe Stephen (Henry Ian Cusick). I WANT to like Harrison (Columbus Short is a cutie) but ugh, he definitely needs to be developed because right now he’s all exposition and no substance. Anyway, what’s kept me around so far are the storylines. I’m intrigued by Olivia’s relationship with the President, his recent alleged affair with an aide (also, why can’t he seem to keep it in his pants? heh), and the firm’s war with the White House. Just the perfect guilty pleasure for me.

From a political drama to a comedy… I thought the pilot of Veep was solid. Smart. Funny. A hilarious take on the power of the Vice Presidency (or in this case, the lack of power). And oh man, Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s line delivery is classic. My favorite lines –

– “Glasses make me look weak. It’s like a wheelchair for the eyes.”
– “Are you kidding? Do these not bend the fuck back?” – about her melted corn starch spoon
– “Did you just pencil fuck my speech?” HAHAHA

Only 1 episode so far but I have high hopes!

But OMG, maybe it’s just me but seeing Anna Chlumsky makes me REALLY feel my age. I will always remember her as Vada from My Girl (Thomas J!).

I’m torn. I like the premise of the show but it’s almost too… #first world problems. The girls, especially the lead character Hannah, aren’t likable at all. And actually come across as super entitled. Hannah’s reaction to getting cut off financially by her parents killed me (“I could be a drug addict! Do you realize how lucky you are?”). Argh. So frustrating. But I guess that’s the point. When you’re that young, and just out of college, your view of the world is still pretty narrow. I do like that the show “goes there” and isn’t afraid to cast the characters in an unattractive light. There’s definitely potential here (despite the cringe-worthy sex scenes) and I like the tone and voice of the show enough to continue watching.

Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23
I only tuned in to this show because after YEARS of hating Dawson (and by extension James Van Der Beek), I’m actually coming around. I think it was this Funny or Die video that finally made me separate him from Dawson. Heh. I’m only watching this show for him and it’s been worth it. I especially loved his attempt to out teach James Franco at NYU and his coffee shop act that ended with Dawson’s Creek questions (I want to know the answer to the question about him and Joshua Jackson being drunk during takes). The storylines with the girls are ok — a little over the top (Chloe setting up June with her dad) but entertaining. I do like Krysten Ritter so I’ll stick around at least for the rest of this season.

So that’s it. I’m also looking forward to HBO’s new Aaron Sorkin show, Newsroom. The trailer looks promising.

I’m behind on the rest of my shows… gotta catch up and write a big end of season wrap-up someday.

Any other shows I should be watching? 🙂

goodbye chuck + hello smash

I haven’t blogged about TV in a loooong time. With one show off the air for good and another joining my schedule, these few comments are past due (SPOILERS!)…

*SOB* I can’t believe it’s over. What I loved most about this show is its heart (I know, so cheesy) — but seriously, despite some of the questionable mythology (all the details about the Intersect made my head spin), the through line of the show was always Chuck & Sarah.

And they’re the reason why I’m SO TORN about the series finale. SO. TORN.

Immediately after I watched the finale, I was satisfied. I liked that the show didn’t spell out the ending and left some of it up to the viewer’s imagination. But now that it’s been a few weeks, part of me is a little sad that they *didn’t* wrap everything up neatly. The storyline of Sarah losing her memories could have been incredibly compelling. If it was done a few episodes in advance of the finale. As it was, it felt rushed and unexplored. But my biggest issue is that the last image we have of Sarah isn’t the Sarah that we’ve watched and loved these past 5 seasons. Not really. She’s back to the Sarah we met when the show first started. Sure, there are indications that she’s starting to regain her memories but DAMN IT, can’t she and Chuck just have their happily every after?

All that said, I absolutely loved the last scene of Chuck & Sarah at the beach. It was a wonderful call back to the pilot, except that now their roles are reversed and Sarah’s the one who needs to trust Chuck. LOVE.

See? I’m torn.

I guess I just wanted to have a more lasting image of their happiness. I’m a sap, I know. I miss this show!

There was a lot of hype surrounding this show. Maybe a tad too much. So unfortunately, my expectations were pretty high and I finished the pilot feeling a little underwhelmed. (I haven’t watched the second episode yet so maybe my opinion will change). I just couldn’t get over how predictable everything was. I mean, casting couch (come on, is Karen really that naive?!)? Debra Messing as the straight half of her writing duo? And the experienced veteran pitted against the beautiful new ingenue for the lead role? REALLY?! But admittedly, the production value and musical numbers on this show are spectacular so I’ll be sticking around for at least a few more episodes. I’m a sucker.

Any other new shows I should be watching? 🙂

new fall tv

Now that a month has passed since the start of the season, my TV schedule has started to shake out.

Quick thoughts on the new shows I’m watching…

LOVE THIS SHOW. This is *so* what I wanted Ringer to be. Sure, it’s pretty much a primetime soap but the revenge angle gives everything additional meaning. And to think I was worried about how the show would sustain the storyline. I’m loving Emily’s tactical takedown of the Graysons (oh man, Victoria is wickedly awesome) — and of course, Emily VanCamp’s portrayal of the hatred underneath the sweetness. As far as the love triangle, I LOVE Daniel. And I’m sad that he might be dead. Please say it isn’t so. Since they never showed his face in the pilot, I’m holding onto hope that the body might be Tyler (can’t stand him anyway). I’m finding Jack to be a tad bit *too* noble for me (selling his boat for his dad and all) but I have a soft spot for Nick Wechsler (Roswell!) so I hope they do something more with his character. Overall, GOOD stuff.

Hart of Dixie
So great to have Rachel Bilson back on TV (I still miss The OC). Love her. This is your typical CW show. It reminds me of both Gilmore Girls and Everwood though not quite as good as either one. So far, the characters (particularly Lemon) and the storylines are kinda cliched but the show is so charming that I find myself not caring. I love the unlikely trio of Zoe, Wade and Lavon and surprisingly I don’t ship Zoe and George (I wish I did, though, I’m a sucker for Jason Street — I mean Scott Porter). A show very rarely makes me smile the way this one does so I’m on board. I need a fun, light show in my life anyway!

The New Girl
I’ve said before that I’m NOT a sitcom person. I don’t know why. I just don’t find most of them that funny. It’s possible I don’t have a sense of humor. BUT. I downloaded this pilot free on iTunes and watched it on the way to Vancouver and thought it was HILARIOUS. Jess is a little *too* quirky for me but I don’t care cause I love the guys. So excited for it to return tomorrow.

I’d like to check out Once Upon a Time too. I’m only 2 episodes behind so maybe I’ll be able to catch up? I’ll need something to replace Ringer and Grey’s Anatomy since I’ve lost interest in both…

cw premieres

Work has seriously been kicking my a*s and TV has been saving me.

I thought I’d go ahead and write up some quick thoughts on the CW premieres even though I’m already behind and haven’t seen the second episodes yet…

I DON’T KNOW. I guess it was… fine? The special effects (like the boat scenes) were terrible, though. I like all the actors involved so hopefully it loses its soap-y predictability in the next episodes. Because REALLY, I didn’t think it was such a surprise finding out Siobhan is still alive. Or that she was having an affair with her best friend Gemma’s husband. OR that the attacker that tried to kill Bridget was really after Siobhan. DUN DUN DUN. Anyway, Ioan Gruffudd was a highlight as I expected and maybe I’m crazy but I’m totally shipping his character Andrew with Bridget. They have great chemistry! And I know this is a drama but I hope the writers infuse *some* humor in the dialogue — I always thought Sarah Michelle Gellar did a great job with that on BtVS. Anyway, I’ll keep watching. Not much else on Tuesdays anyway.

The Secret Circle
Gawd, I’m such a typical CW viewer. I liked this a lot! Well, except for the main theme song. It totally freaks me out. Anyway, it’s basically a show about teen witches helmed by Kevin Williamson. I’m drawn like a moth to a flame. Heh. I have a soft spot for Britt Robertson from her role as Lux on the dearly departed Life Unexpected and I enjoyed her here too. The rest of the “secret circle” didn’t really impress me much. I found Diana & Adam pretty dull and Faye slightly rage-inducing. But that’s usually the case with pilots — there’s so much to set up that the characters don’t have much depth. It’ll be interesting to see if the show manages to keep the adults (yay Gale Harold) as entrenched in the story as they seem to be. They always start strong then fade into the background (ie. 90210, Gossip Girl).

The Vampire Diaries
Good season opener. I’m not a huge fan of Klaus and his quest for an army of hybrids so I wish Stefan wasn’t saddled with him. Actually, I wasn’t sold on anything involving the 3 leads (Elena, Stefan, Damon). Not even Stefan killing Andie. Or Stefan’s tearful phone call with Elena (who I love but really found kinda annoying in this episode). However, I totally adored Caroline & Tyler! They were funny and awkward, frustratingly adorable, then scorching hot. I love them so. But ACK! WTH Mrs. Lockwood! Finally, I’m so glad Jeremy has his own storyline — AND that it will apparently involve Matt. Both characters deserve something better to do than react to everyone else’s shenanigans.

Sooo glad it’s the weekend. I plan to catch up with TV. Definitely need the mindless entertainment. STAT.

fall tv 11

I can’t believe the new TV season is upon us! The quality of summer TV (White Collar, Burn Notice, Suits, Eureka) was pretty awesome so I haven’t felt deprived. Plus, last season was slightly underwhelming for me overall. Here’s hoping for a much improved new season. I’m planning to check out the following…

Gossip Girl
@ 8pm (CW)
Hart of Dixie @ 9pm (CW) – Rachel Bilson back on TV. Plus Scott Porter. I’m SO there.
Hawaii 5-0 @ 10pm (CBS) – I can’t resist. So much damn eye candy on this show.

@ 8pm (FOX) – I fully admit I’m watching solely for the musical performances. And Darren Criss.
Ringer @ 9pm (CW) – Please be good. I LOVE SMG.

@ TBD time (USA)
Modern Family @ 9pm (ABC)
Revenge @10pm (ABC) – I adore Emily Van Camp. I’m not too sure about the premise, though — EVC is the main character, Emily (lol), plotting revenge on wealthy Hamptons residents who destroyed her family. I enjoy primetime soaps but I wonder how this story is going to be sustained, particularly for multiple seasons.

Big Bang Theory
@ 8pm (CBS)
The Vampire Diaries @ 8pm (CW)
Grey’s Anatomy @ 9pm (ABC)
The Secret Circle @ 9pm (CW) – Totally up my alley. Kevin Williamson has not steered my wrong — see Dawson’s Creek, The Vampire Diaries.

I’m also considering Person of Interest @ 9pm (CBS) cause I like Michael Emerson. Maybe even Charlie’s Angels @ 8pm (ABC). These will be game-time decisions.

A Gifted Man
@ 8pm (CBS) – PATRICK WILSON. Enough said.
Chuck @ 8pm (NBC) – Last season. *sniff* I’m excited to see how this “little show that could” wraps up.
Nikita @ 8pm (CW)

Once Upon a Time
@ 8pm (ABC) – Fairytale drama? I’m intrigued.
The Good Wife @ 9pm (CBS) – I hope the new night works out. I love this show so much.
Dexter @ 9pm (Showtime) – Hmmm. We don’t have Showtime. Maybe we’ll wait until DVD or… ?

I stopped watching Supernatural last season (got bored) and I’m tempted to do the same with Bones as well. It’s a solid show but I’m not invested in the characters. I probably won’t watch the CSI franchise regularly either. Quality has declined and I’m tired of the formula.

Someday I’ll catch up with Parenthood and Fringe.

So… am I missing anything? What are you planning to watch? 🙂

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tv season wrap-up, part 2

OMG. The new TV season starts next week and I haven’t finished my wrap-up from last season. ARGH. Going to try and do this quickly…

Poor cancelled show. It totally ran out of gas in the last half of the season. I got whiplash with Alice/Jake (who I really liked), Alice/Lewis, and Kathy/Lewis. And I think the show lost its way when Marti and Savannah were given completely separate storylines with their families instead of focusing on their relationship with each other and their team. It’s too bad. This was a fun cast!

Gossip Girl
Oh show. I can’t quit you. Even though you fail to give Nate any meaningful storylines (at least he’s good for eye candy), can’t seem to commit to consistent characterizations (Blair, Chuck, their relationship), and keep introducing the C-R-A-Z-Y (Juliet, now Ivy). But despite all that, I’m so on board for next season. Serena in LA. Blair’s wedding that is SO not going to happen. A secret pregnancy. Dan’s tell-all book!!! I hope there’s room to develop the Dan and Blair friendship even more. I can’t help that I love them so.

Grey’s Anatomy
%$#@ has hit the fan! And it’s pretty damn depressing. Like REALLY. I’m torn. Especially about Cristina/Owen and their pregnancy. Isn’t this her second unplanned pregnancy? Shouldn’t someone who clearly (it’s practically written on her forehead) doesn’t want kids be more careful? So I’m sympathetic but at the same time I’m not. (I realize that sounds weird). And while I agree with Owen that Cristina shouldn’t make a decision about abortion without him, I also feel like he was trying to guilt-trip her which bothers me. And then there’s Meredith/Derek. I’m inclined to side with Derek about the clinical trial because that’s a professional issue and Meredith was wrong to switch the medicine. But leaving her? Stranded with their newly adopted baby? These storylines are rubbing me the wrong way. But I’ll keep watching because I’m a sucker.

I liked this show from the beginning but the quality really got better and better as the season progressed. The finale was especially great. I’m a sucker for a great love story (Nikita and Michael on the run, yay!) but this show reeled me in with Nikita and Alex. And to see the conflict and tension between them in the finale killed me. It’ll be interesting to see the two of them working against each other (well, at least from Alex’s point of view). And I’m excited that the plot seems to be moving at a good pace now that the show has found its footing.

The Vampire Diaries
My current favorite show next to The Good Wife. I actually think the penultimate episode of the season felt more like a finale (with the ritual and the epic deaths) than the actual finale, which was mostly set-up for next season. I’m not terribly enamored by Damon/Elena (I like her with Stefan, what can I say) but I’m intrigued by Jeremy seeing dead people (Anna!) and the return of Stefan the Ripper. Should be GOOD.

Annnddd that’s it.

Oh. Except that at some point I need to finish watching the last 2 episodes of Smallville. OOPS.

Now to figure out my Fall TV schedule…

this summer’s tv

I remember when summertime meant reruns on TV. Not anymore! This summer I’m spending my time with…

White Collar.
My favorite bromance is back. Though the show still features a “case of the week,” I’m really enjoying the tension just beneath the surface between Neal and Peter. It adds some depth to the show that wasn’t previously there. Good stuff! But I hate the new opening credits. Bring back the old credits!

Discovered this show thanks to Christie. I guess I can’t resist cute boys in suits (see above: White Collar) cause it’s become my new obsession. 😀 I love the mentor/mentee banter between Harvey and Mike. My only complaint is that I wish they wouldn’t spend any more time on Mike’s personal life, in particular his relationships with Trevor and Jenny. I know it’s necessary to show his time away from the office, not to mention his character growth but UGH… they are not interesting characters. Hopefully they’ll veer away from this storyline in upcoming episodes.

Game of Thrones
A few weeks ago, Rob arrived home after a weekend in Las Vegas and at the airport, he picked up the first book in this series. I hadn’t been particularly interested in it before but somehow, Rob convinced me to check out the show. And we devoured all 10 episodes in a few days. I absolutely love Tyrion and Arya (such spunk!) and can’t wait to see if I’ll enjoy them as much in the books. That is, if Rob ever finishes it so I can read it. 🙂

So You Think You Can Dance
As much as I love this show, it’s become too contemporary-focused, which is unfortunate. The first week of eliminations definitely proved that to me with Iveta and Nick getting the boot. On the other hand, I’m glad they’re using new choreographers this season. Routines were getting stale and the show needed some new blood to mix things up. So far, my favorite dancers are Tadd (can’t help it – he’s filipino!) and Melanie and Marko (talk about power couple!). Sasha and Ryan are my least favorites — they are OVER-HYPED.

I’m also working my way through the first seasons of True Blood and The Tudors (yes, again). WOOT.

It’s a good summer for TV.

In other fandom news, complete Comic-Con programming has been released. Just under 2 weeks now! I’m not 100% sure what panels I’m going to try and see but I do know that I’m bummed my TV boyfriend Joshua Jackson isn’t attending this year. Sadness.

tv season wrap-up, part 1

I’ve barely written any TV blog posts this year so now that the 2010 – 2011 broadcast season is over, I figured I’d write some quick finale thoughts…

The Vivian Volkoff arc in the latter episodes of the season left a lot to be desired (I think it was partly because the actress just wasn’t that believable as a villain) but the finale provided a satisfying resolution to that storyline while setting up new adventures. Honestly, I would have been ok if the show didn’t get renewed – we got to see Chuck save the day without the Intersect (although I have questions about how Sarah managed to stay alive so much longer than other Norseman victims), Sarah & Chuck’s wedding (their vows! LOVE) complete with flashbacks to their relationship (I guess the writers were thinking series finale), and our favorite team back together as freelance spies. But that’s not to say I’m not ridiculously happy that NBC is giving the show a chance to go out on its own terms. I’m excited to see what the writers have in store for the last season, especially now that Morgan has the Intersect uploaded to his brain. !!! I didn’t care for Morgan in the first few seasons but he’s become one of my favorites and it’ll definitely be interesting to see how he and Team Bartowski handle this uhhh… unique situation.

Hawaii Five-0
I don’t take this show too seriously so I thought the finale was pretty darn awesome. There were some WTF moments (anything related to Danny/Rachel and the need to leave for New Jersey THAT DAY) but I totally didn’t expect the twist with the governor and Wo Fat. Now that I’ve had time to think about it, I wonder if this was planned from the very beginning of the season. Maybe the governor put together the 5-0 task force as a way to keep Steve close and monitor what he was doing. Really good set up if that’s the case. Now Steve is arrested for murder (they have to see his taser burn, right?!), Kono’s suspended (I can’t believe the eyewitness testimony could be considered credible at this point), and Chin’s back at HPD (I have hope he’s going to be their “inside man” and try to help the others somehow). Phew. I have no desire to see Danny back in a relationship with Rachel (ugh, cheaters!) so he better stay in Hawaii to help his friends (although I don’t know why they bother with the drama of him moving to NJ — he’s a main character and isn’t likely to leave).

No Ordinary Family
So much potential (love the actors, especially Autumn Reeser) but this wasn’t a good show. I’m sorry! The writing was lacking (terrible storylines, inconsistent characterization), the episodes were slooooow, and there was just no spark. The premise really intrigued me but the execution was all wrong. Disappointing. Not surprised it didn’t get renewed.

It may seem as if I don’t like this show… but I really do. I just have problems with its inconsistency. Especially this past season. I think I got a little whiplash with all the back and forth between good (Duets, Original Song) and terrible (A Night of Neglect – WTF) episodes. But I’ve come to accept that I’m here for the characters, the minimal development and interaction they get, and above all, the songs and performances. I’m ok with that.

One Tree Hill
Oh, this show. Just when you think it’s over, it goes and gets renewed. Again. I still watch because I’ve really grown to like the characters but it’s lost a lot of the fun and spark it used to have in the earlier seasons. Plus, there’s been veerrrryyy little storytelling in the last few episodes. Nothing really happens! It’s no wonder they keep doing time jumps to change things up. In any case, the finale was fine. Everyone had their moment and their happy ending — Brooke gave birth, Haley opened her cafe, Nathan and Clay found their star, and Chase returns from the Air Force to reunite with Alex (who I actually love now). See! Would have been a great series finale. I’m not really sure what other stories they have to tell but I have two requests — can they PLEASE limit Chuck and Jamie’s screentime? They’re taking screentime from characters I actually care about. And they are not cute kids, I’m sorry. ALSO, and maybe more importantly, PLEASE bring back the original theme song full time. As interesting it is to hear different artists’ take on the song, it’s just not the same.

The Good Wife
I love this show. But I think it suffered slightly from trying to do too much in its second season. They introduced characters that didn’t really work, dropped storylines (the deleted voicemail kills me), and sacrificed the screentime of major characters in the process. The last few episodes, though, after Bond was ousted and Peter and Kalinda’s past was revealed, were pretty much on par with the best episodes of season 1. Not to mention that they did a great job of setting up storylines for next season. Like Alicia/Will exploring their relationship (loved that Alicia was the one calling the shots that night) — how is that going to affect their interactions with Peter? Will’s conversation with Peter in the finale was already fraught with awkward tension. Or Eli moving his business into the Lockhart Gardner offices — does this mean more Alicia/Eli interaction? Yes please! And with Alicia/Peter’s separation, I sure hope it means less Jackie. The actress may be a Dawson’s Creek alum (Grams!) but I CANNOT stand the character. I know she’s a mother and loves her son but COME ON. Cheating is not ok and she acts like Peter did nothing wrong. She irks me so much. The only thing I’m dreading about next season is the move to Sundays. Especially on CBS after football. Isn’t this where they put shows to die? 🙁

Ok, that’s it for now — back again with the rest soon. Happy 4th of July!