meme time

Rob’s out of town again this week so I have the TV all to myself. MWAHAHAHA.

There was nothing on last night besides American Idol so I watched it. I realized I haven’t watched it regularly in over 2 seasons. I kinda felt out of touch. I actually forgot how painful it can be watching the show live. Eek. Katharine McPhee was there as a guest. She is freaking gorgeous. Ugh. Hate her. (Just kidding, kind of).

I just read about the decision to split up Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows into 2 movies. They should just make 1 movie (even if it’s lengthy) and be done with it. Thumbs down.

I’m at work right now and cannot focus on anything so I have decided to do this meme. Stolen from Nicola

01. What time did you get up this morning?
6:45am… far later than usual. So of course, I was running around like a crazy person trying to leave the apartment on time. When Rob’s out of town, I have to take a bus to the train station and that thing does not come all that often.
02. Diamonds or pearls?
Both please. Thanks.
03. What was the last movie you saw?
It’s been awhile. I *think* the last movie I saw was Enchanted. I totally want to see The Other Boleyn Girl and also Step Up 2 (shut up :P). But I bet I won’t see any movies in the theatre until the summer blockbusters are released.
04. Where is the most beautiful place you’ve ever been?
Paris. I have a love affair with the city.
05. What do you usually have for breakfast?
Either cereal (Cheerios) or oatmeal. And also tea — I particularly love the Strawberry Cream tea from Coffee Bean. Some Fridays I’ll treat myself to a nonfat Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks for making it through the work week.
06. What is your middle name?
Lachica. It’s my mom’s maiden name.
07. What food do you dislike?
I don’t like anything slimy. This includes okra and uni (sea urchin).
08. What is your favorite CD?
Probably the Rent soundtrack (original Broadway cast version). With *N Sync’s No Strings Attached as a close second. HEE.
09. What kind of car do you drive?
No car for me. :/
10. Favorite sandwich?
I love pastrami sandwiches. Mmmm. I also really like turkey and avocado on a croissant. YUM.

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evc on tv again!

I’m so excited that Emily VanCamp’s going to be on TV again! I just adore her. Too bad she’s going to be on Brothers and Sisters, a show that I don’t currently watch. But I love EVC so I’ll check it out… at least all the episodes are available on so I can catch up before her episodes start airing.

So I was watching American Idol earlier and a contestant named Jenry totally caught my eye. He’s easy on the eyes (read: HOT) and has a decent voice. Niiiice. BUT. He’s only 16, which means… jailbait. I feel dirty.

golden globes + idol

The Minneapolis auditions of American Idol were SO BAD. And I loved every minute of it. Hehe. But I really can’t wait until they get to Hollywood. I get tired of the auditions after a few episodes.

I also watched my recording of the Golden Globes from last night. I watched the 3+ hour show in about 50 minutes. Thank goodness for that fast-forward button. 😀 I was incredibly happy that America Ferrara and Meryl Streep won. America was so beautiful and her speech so heartfelt and Meryl Streep, as always, was eloquent and classy. I adore both of those ladies. My favorite speeches, though, have to go to Hugh Laurie (he’s so subtly hilarious) and Sasha Baron Cohen (OMG, his speech bordered on inappropriate but damn, I was in tears from laughing so hard). And maybe it’s just me but did anyone notice the completely opposite vibe from the casts of Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy? I sensed tension coming from the GA cast whereas the UB cast was so happy and everyone was clapping and hugging one another. They really seem like they enjoy working together. Plus, when Vanessa Williams bounded onto the stage from out of nowhere, they all cheered and gave her a group hug. Just… aww.

In Globes fashion talk, Reese Witherspoon and Hayden Panettiere had my favorite “looks” of the night.

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jack & bobby finale

Still moving. I’ll be so happy in 2 weeks when it’s all over.

I’m waaayyy behind on my TV shows but I have caught a few episodes here and there…

Jack & Bobby
I guess Berlanti and Schlamme had no faith that the show would be renewed because the finale really felt like the end. And they ended up being right, sadly. It’s too bad because I thought the show had hit a great stride and I was looking forward to what was to come in the second season. Oh well. At least the (series) finale really delivered for me as a Jack fan (I’ve long thought he’s been a bit shafted with regards to significant storylines). I loved seeing him meet his father (I got so choked up in those scenes) and also enjoyed learning about his future as a public defender and later as a Congressman. Looking back at my initial thoughts on the show, I never would have imagined that I would be sad about its cancellation. Stupid WB! I just hope the show is someday released on DVD.

NOOOO!!! NOT. TONY. $#@! OF COURSE, after Tony and Michelle get it together (aww, they kissed!), they have Tony go out in the field and get taken hostage. Argh. And by MANDY! Wowzers. I seriously gasped when I saw Mia Kirshner. That was a damn good surprise.

American Idol
Final 2 will be Bo and Carrie.

It looks the Network Upfronts have started this week and so far, there’s not too much to be happy about…

They moved Alias to Thursdays?!? WHY?!? It was so great following Lost. UGH. And they picked up a sitcom starring Freddie Prinze, Jr? Huh.

Very weak line-up. There’s 2 versions of The Apprentice for goodness sake! (Although I have to admit I am contemplating checking out the Martha Stewart version, hee). Plus, they moved The West Wing to Sundays. Lame.

They cancelled Jack & Bobby. GRR. AND THEN they MOVED One Tree Hill to Wednesdays at 8 (what?!) and also MOVED Smallville and Everwood to Thursdays (double what?!?). I thought all 3 shows worked well on their current nights. *grumble, grumble*

Anyway, Star Wars tomorrow! I’m so excited. 😀

a good one tree hill episode?

Rob and I moved our TV and Tivo to our new apartment last weekend and OMG, it is *so* boring without a TV in our room. How am I supposed to watch all my shows?! I’m such a TV junkie. I swear, the thing is always on. I’ve had to download all my shows this week and have barely had the chance to watch any of them but I DID catch a few shows…

American Idol
LOVED Bo. And surprisingly, Anthony as well. The girls were… average. Not really surprised that Anthony was eliminated — the vote was bound to be between him and Vonzell. She’ll be the one to go next week, though. I can’t imagine the producers allowing anything but a Bo and Carrie showdown.

One Tree Hill
OMG. Probably the best episode of the season. Really. It *almost* makes this disappointing season seem worth it. Almost. The alternate universe was great — so many nods to the first season (Haley’s hat, the N/H bracelet scene, Nathan wearing Lucas’s grey hoodie, Peyton’s Ramones t-shirt), and the characters were actually true to character, if that makes any sense. I mean, Haley was the smart, witty, and grounded girl I loved in the first season (too bad the “new” Haley appeared at the end, though) and Brooke was the fun and flighty cheerleader (who didn’t get lots of screentime, thank goodness — oh, the benefits of being Mrs. CMM!). Plus, how much did I love that Nathan and Haley were MEANT2B even in the alternate universe?! Aww. That was the best. James Lafferty and Chad Michael Murray also did a great job switching roles. I think I may have even liked JL’s version of “Lucas” better! I’m actually looking forward to the finale now.

Got tickets to see the midnight showing of Star Wars next week. SQUEE.

More moving this weekend. Oh joy.

scott is gone!

YES! *pumps fist* Scott’s finally gone. I’m so happy. 😛

Too bad that’s not how I’m feeling about a few other shows I watch…
One Tree Hill
What was with the car racing?!? Lame. The only part of the episode I liked was when Lucas yelled for Nathan, ran for the crashed car, and then held him. AWW. Haley who? I’d love to see more Nathan/Lucas interaction!

Gilmore Girls
I liked Logan. Not so sure anymore. I thought he was a bit of a jerk to Lorelai and even to Rory. The episode didn’t do any favors to my impression of Rory either. Sometimes I can’t believe the things that come out of her mouth when she’s talking to Logan (ie. “You don’t have to be polite to me until we get inside the house”). Argh. So disappointing. I did feel bad for Lorelai during the Friday dinner. It’s hard to admit that you’re an outsider amongst your own family. I definitely sense some sort of rift developing between the girls.

Is it just me or did season finales just creep up really quickly this year? I feel like most of the shows (the exception being 24) I watch haven’t progressed at all since the beginning of the season (perfect examples are One Tree Hill, The OC… how can it be time for a finale when NOTHING HAS HAPPENED?!

I was watching CSI tonight and I saw a commercial for the Elvis movie airing this Sunday starring Jonathan Rhys-Myers. !!! Must remember to watch. JRM looks amazing. !!!

top 5 on AI

Damn. I think Scott might be sticking around another week on American Idol. Guh. My predictions for the bottom 2 this week are Vonzell and Anthony with Anthony saying farewell. But let’s hope I’m wrong.

Squee! My Dawson’s Creek season 5 DVDs arrived today from the trusty Too bad s5 is my least favorite season of all. But whatever. I love shiny new DVDs. 😛

Book Challenge update…
13. Star Wars, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith by Matthew Woodring Stover, 432 p
What can I say? I just wanted to find out exactly what happened before seeing the movie. Heh. It’s actually a better novelization than I expected. Is it May 19 yet?
14. The Second Assistant by Clare Naylor, Mimi Hare, 304 p
Just another chick lit book. I saw the hardcover edition on Amazon for $5 so I couldn’t resist. It’s about a girl who moves out to Hollywood to become an assistant at the top talent agency in the business. A fun read, if not a little exaggerated. Took me about 3 hours on the plane from Michigan back home.
I’m only at 14 books — crap. I have to speed it up.

Last but certainly not least, Happy happy birthday Nicola! Hope you have a great day!

tom and katie

I’m back from Michigan. *sigh* Vacation’s are never long enough…

I’m still reeling over the fact that Constantine was eliminated from American Idol over Scott. SCOTT. I’m blaming it all on Vote for the Worst. ARGH.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are dating?!? Pictures here, here and video here. Huh. Who woulda thunk it?

WHY are there like 50 commercial breaks during Grey’s Anatomy? Very annoying.

Doing the Fannish Friday Five

What 5 media (books/movies/tv show) universes would you want to visit if they were real?
1. Harry Potter
2. 24
3. Dawson’s Creek
4. Star Wars (I want R2D2 to be my droid!)
5. Anne of Green Gables

top 6 on AI

American Idol predictions — bottom 3 are Constantine, Scott and Carrie with Scott going home. *fingers crossed*

I’m STILL absolutely overwhelmed at work. It’s gotten to the point where I’m getting in early and staying late and no matter how hard I work, I’m still not caught up. It doesn’t help that 1) we’ve finally hired my replacement but now that I’m spending a good part of my day training her, I get severely backed up with my new responsibilities and 2) I’m taking Thursday and Friday off because Rob and I are flying to Michigan for his brother’s graduation. I’m totally excited to have a long weekend but I just know I’m going to be stressing about the work I left behind and the work that’ll be piling up.

See, I can’t even relax when I’m at home. EEEK. I need to think about something else…

OH CRAP. I was supposed to do laundry tonight. %$#@! I’m losing my mind.