excuses excuses

My friend Ricardo reminded me that it’s been almost a week since my last post. Here are my excuses…

1. I’m still unpacking. Yes, STILL! The kitchen and office are pretty well organized but there are still boxes and piles all over the floor in the living room and the bedroom. It’s taken so long because we’ve been waiting on a few large pieces of furniture (TV stand, bookcase, bed frame/mattress) and didn’t have anywhere else to store our stuff. We have everything now except for our bed frame (it’s coming next Tuesday) so YAY.

2. I’m too busy living at Target. HEH. I’ve been to Target 4 TIMES in the past week. And I’ve purchased many, many items during each trip. Moving is not cheap.

3. I haven’t watched TV regularly in over a month so have nothing to blog about. I know, right? What is wrong with me?!? One of our Tivos broke during the holidays and OF COURSE, it was the one that I used to record my shows (aka the shows that Rob refuses to watch like Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Private Practice, Grey’s Anatomy, etc). Shows were on hiatus around that time so it wasn’t a big deal but then in January, I got caught up with packing and planning for the move that I let weeks and weeks go by… now I am so behind. 🙁 The good thing is that we now have a DVR to replace the broken Tivo. SCORE.

4. I’m lazy. HEE! This really sums it up. Case in point, take a look at the navigation on the left. It badly needs some TLC. For one, I am now 29 not 28. For another, all the site links no longer work (I took the pages down awhile back). I really need to a huge site overhaul. But again. I’m lazy.

In other Kelly news, I have a 3-day weekend coming up (thank you US Presidents) and Rob has agreed to go to Disneyland on Valentine’s Day. I have THE BEST hubby in the world. We actually bought each other annual passes for Christmas so we’re going to activate them on Saturday. I hope it doesn’t rain. I’m so excited to wear my Mickey gear again. 😀

Random picture of Rob today during office hours. Isn’t he such a hard-working employee?

Finally, WTF Chris Brown. WTF. You are dead to me.

oth s6 + entourage

Is it sad that I still read wedding blogs? I can’t help it.

Rob’s in Cabo for a bachelor party this weekend so Diesel and I are on our own for the weekend. Love it because I can take over the TV and watch The Hills! And my other guilty pleasure shows (possible spoilers?)…

One Tree Hill
Caught up with the new season. Nanny Carrie’s return sucks (why did she have to come back?!?). Q’s death sucks (I was just beginning to like him). Skills and Deb’s relationship is… questionable (I admit it is possible but I hate the execution). Brooke’s assault storyline bothers me. I mean, how can her FRIENDS not notice that something more serious than falling down the stairs is going on with her? Argh. But mostly because I get the uneasy feeling that her mom is involved with this somehow. And that gives me the creeps.

I *am* enjoying Lucas and Peyton — I can’t explain it. I love them together. Can they just be happy for once? I also love anything and everything involving Haley, Nathan, and Jamie. They’re so awesome.

Hmm. I still (begrudgingly) love this show.

Entourage, Season 4
We don’t have HBO so we rely on the DVDs to catch up with these boys. We breezed right through all 4 discs in a few days. For the first time, I cannot stand Vince. I used to be pretty indifferent to him but now his carefree attitude and misplaced loyalty (to Billy Walsh no less) bothers me. Ugh. I also never really liked E (why must he act like such a tool sometimes?) but I really respect his drive and ambition — he doesn’t “use” Vince (like Turtle, ugh) and he isn’t afraid to have opinions and share them. I continue to love Ari and adore Lloyd.

Ok, I’m off to watch this past week’s episode of 90210 (yes, I’m still watching… for now). Have a great weekend everyone!

PS – A co-worker let me borrow Eclipse. I can keep reading the series without paying a dime. Yay. 😀

new moon

I bought Rob an iPhone for his belated birthday present and now I am SO. JEALOUS. I want one too (whine, whine). Sadly AT&T won’t let me get one until November (stupid contract).

Anyway, I finished New Moon over the weekend and I liked it about the same as Twilight.

Emma hit the nail on the head in her comment to my previous entry — it’s been so hard to get through this series because the writing isn’t so great. 🙁 This was definitely more noticeable in New Moon.

But I did understand Bella more in this second installment. Which is an improvement. Unfortunately, I still don’t really like her. I found her to be reckless and selfish. And it completely bothers me that she’s so nonchalant about becoming a vampire. Cause I don’t feel like she’s taking it seriously or that she’s really weighed the pros and cons. Interestingly, I liked Edward much more in this book — maybe because compared to Bella, he was like the voice of reason. I also really liked learning more about Jacob (he might just be my favorite character) though I still don’t understand why the vampires and the werewolves are enemies. Did I miss something?

I’ve gotten this far so I want to read the rest of the series… but I’ll have to find a generous friend to loan Eclipse and Breaking Dawn to me. Only the hardcovers are available and I’m CHEAP. Anyone? 😛

women’s gymn aa

First, I just want to wish my husband Rob (weird!) a happy belated 30th birthday. It was actually yesterday but we were out sightseeing on the north shore and I was too lazy to blog about it. 😀

So it’s 7pm Hawaii time… Rob’s taking a nap after a very tiring day at the pool (hee) and what am I doing? I am refreshing my browser every few seconds checking on the scores of the women’s gymnastics all-around competition. Gawd, how I love the Olympics.

And because I don’t think it has aired yet (warning: spoiler ahead)…

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There is a freaking heat wave here in the Bay Area. The one day I would have preferred to stay in my nice air-conditioned office, I had to run out and do errands at the post office. UGH. It was about 90 degrees in the city today. It’s almost midnight now and it is STILL sweltering. YUCK.

I just realized that I forgot to mention a couple of recent milestones…

On April 12th, Rob and I celebrated our 9th anniversary. Can you believe he’s put up with me for that long? 😀 And then this past Monday, on May 12th, we celebrated our “engagement-versary.” (I don’t know what else to call it!) 😀 Time has flown by so quickly. It seriously feels like I just got engaged yesterday. And now there’s only 86 days until the wedding. (!!!) I feel really lucky that I have Rob in my life. He understands and loves me despite all my faults (see below entry for evidence). We share the same hopes for the future. We have interests that overlap (TV!) but we have our own things as well. But best of all, Rob can look at me and smile and I can still feel the butterflies. (Points for you if you get the reference :P).

< / end sappiness>

So. Iron Man was AWESOME. I totally want to go see it again (possible spoilers)…

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the hills premiere

It’s Rob’s birthday today. So he wasn’t too happy when I hijacked the TV and watched The Hills premiere. HEE.

I’m so addicted to this show. I CAN’T HELP IT. It’s a total guilty pleasure. Such drama… Lauren versus Heidi! (I’m so Team Lauren, by the way). Lauren doesn’t like Audrina’s new boy! Spencer proposes to Heidi! I love my show. 😛

weekend update

Had a loooooooong weekend. And I am still UNBELIEVABLY TIRED.

Rob and I celebrated our 8-year anniversary last Thursday, so… YAY for that. 😀

We didn’t get a chance to celebrate this past weekend, though, because Rob was a groomsman at a friend’s wedding on Saturday and we had friends staying over for the festivities. The wedding was held at the Brazilian Room at Tilden Park in Berkeley, which was an absolutely phenomenal location. It’s set high up on a hill with a lush green backdrop. So pretty. Unfortunately, the ceremony had to be moved indoors due to the pouring rain but despite that, it was a really beautiful, intimate ceremony. The rain let up after the vows so the wedding party was able to take some pictures outside. Look how pretty the wedding party looks against the gorgeous green background. *sigh*

The bride also had so many little hand-made touches that made the wedding so unique… from her invitations (to die for!), to the little rocks that served as your seat assigment, to her own wedding dress… GUH. It was all so beautiful.

Following the wedding, we all went out to dinner, then to a club, and then the post-wedding brunch the next day. YOU GUYS. This is more activity than I’m used to in a weekend. So you’ll understand why I’ve been in a sleepy funk the past few days. LOL.

I really need to get some sleep…

v-day 2007 + meme

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! 🙂

Rob and I are saving our V-Day dinner for this weekend (Trader Vic’s, yay!) so we just grabbed Indian food for dinner and had a nice, relaxing night at home. Hope you all had a great day filled with lots of love, cheer, and of course, chocolate.


Anyway, a high school meme snagged from Sarah

My senior year was 1996-1997.
1. Who was your best friend?

Carmen and Robyn. And they still are. (*waves*)
2. What sports did you play?
BWAH! I’m horrible at sports. In high school, I took dance to fulfill my physical education requirement. I wanted to avoid running track, playing volleyball, etc. But I was a songleader! That’s kind of athletic. Maybe.
3. What kind of car did you drive?
I didn’t get my license until last year so, yeah. No car in high school.
4. It’s Friday night, where were you?
Probably at one of my best friends’ houses. We rotated where we spent our Friday nights. We would rent movies, or go to the mall, or bake. If there was a dance or a game at school, we’d sometimes end up there.
5. Were you a party animal?
Nope. Plus, my dad was strict.
6. Were you in the “In Crowd”?
No. I guess you could say I was a “floater.” I had friends from the different cliques.
7. Ever skip school?
No. My dad would have killed me.
8. Ever smoke?
Never tried it. It just doesn’t appeal to me.
9. Were you a nerd?
I guess so. I went to a magnet high school so *everyone* was a nerd. And we were proud of it. 😀
10. Did you get suspended/expelled?
Noooo way. Again, see above comments on my dad.
11. Can you sing the Alma Mater?
Is it sad that I still remember it? And can recite the whole thing? I was a songleader, though. That’s my excuse. We had to sing the alma mater at all our games.
12. Who was your favorite teacher?
I have three…
— Mr. Bohannon who taught AP US History — he wasn’t necessarily the greatest teacher ever but he did know how to prepare his students for the AP test
— Mr. Kelly who taught Algebra II — he was totally easygoing and fun
— Mrs. Shoop who taught Spanish III and English IV — she wasn’t a popular teacher because she ran a tight ship and expected a lot from her students but looking back, she really challenged me and I appreciate that.
13. Favorite Class?
Spanish (all levels) and US History.
14. What was your school’s full name?
Gretchen Whitney High School
15. School Mascot?
16. Did you go to Prom?
Yes. But I went to both my Junior and Senior proms with my evil ex-boyfriend. I had a great time at both events but I kinda wish my memories were with someone else. :/
17. If you could go back and do it over, would you?
I don’t think so. I think as far as high school experiences go, it was a good one.
18. What do you remember most about graduation?
It was a blur so I don’t remember much from the ceremony at all. I do remember being overly concerned about that silly cap pushing my bangs down and giving me “hat-head.”
19. Favorite memory of your Senior Year?
Being on the Homecoming Court. That was such a great honor and I had a blast participating in the pep rally and all the events leading up to the game. Also getting my acceptance letter to UC Berkeley.
20. Were you ever posted up on the senior wall?
Uhhh, I don’t think we had one of those.
21. Did you have a job your senior year?
22. Who did you date?
I had 2 boyfriends in high school. Neither are worth mentioning here.
23. Where did you go most often for lunch?
Nowhere. My school didn’t have an “open lunch” policy. I usually just stayed at school and brought Cup O’ Noodles from home. What a horrible lunch, lol.
24. Have you gained weight since then?
YES. Please don’t remind me.
25. What did you do after graduation?
I went to Europe with my dad, then spent the summer hanging out with friends before moving to Northern CA for college.

It was kinda fun looking back at high school… 🙂

rings and things

Lately Rob and I have been having conversations about rings… engagement rings. He wanted to get some ideas of the type of ring I’d like. (Eeeeeeee!!!! *hyperventilates*) So OF COURSE, I hop over to the Tiffany website to take a look. (Now, I don’t want a ring from Tiffany & Co — I’d rather have a really nice ring than have Rob pay for the brand name, you know? But hey, a girl can dream. That darn robin’s blue box has such an effect on me).

I LOVE this ring…

GUH. So beautiful. I always thought I’d want a round cut diamond but this square cut seriously makes me weak in the knees. I love the smoothness of the band and especially the way the ring looks from the side. Such a pretty detail. I can’t stop looking at it. It’s mesmerizing. So elegant, simple and modern.

But this is the ring I always imagined in my head when I thought about getting engaged…

Round cut diamond in the center with smaller round channel set diamonds on the side… *swoons* This one’s a classic. But I don’t know which style I like more! Decisions, decisions.

I’m going to check out BlueNile and Tacori — does anyone else have any site recs? Or maybe pictures of rings I can drool over?

PS – Carmen/Robyn, take note. Hee. 😀