i love my 3-day weekend

The boyfriend’s parents are staying with us this weekend because his cousin is graduating from UC Berkeley (my alma mater!). We went to his graduation earlier this morning and damn, I had forgotten how long and most of all, how boring graduations can be. I mean, you’re waiting for one name to be called and then you have to sit through like 500 more names. Gah. But it was definitely nice to be back on campus again — I’ve only been gone 2 years but there already seems to be so many things that have changed. The Student Store where I used to work has seen a complete facelift. When I was still working there, it was owned and run by the ASUC (the Associated Students of the University of CA) but it was sold to a huge corporation and it’s evident in the design and products of the store now. There are also a bunch of buildings that were permanently in scaffolding before because of the Earthquake restoration project that have since been remodeled and repainted. And Telegraph Avenue (the famous street that leads right onto the main part of campus) has so many new shops — it’s so weird when your memories don’t match the reality anymore.

The only part of the weekend that has been a pain in my ass is that my site went down twice due to bandwidth issues. Grrr. I know it’s my fault for not checking my stats but I didn’t think I had to — I’ve *never* had a problem before. But anyway, sorry to my hostees for the downtime.

Seven on Sunday:

1. The most overused graphic fonts are Scriptina (beautiful but seen everywhere!) and the little pixel fonts (I love them though so I’m contributing the overusage. :P).

2. One web trend I just don’t understand the reasoning for is pop-ups. Guh. They get on my nerves.

3. I prefer blogs to LiveJournals.

4. I really love site designs that are easy to navigate and have lots of good content. On personal sites, I especially love to read site histories and random facts about the webmaster.

5. One aspect of web design that I’d most like to master is PHP. But in my old age I have become far too lazy to actually sit down and actually learn something.

6. You can tell how long someone’s been doing web design by the lack of blinding colors and text effects (like that damn sparkle trail) on their sites.

7. My first website was this one, e-l.net. I got into web design because I found myself a college graduate with no job and way too much time on my hands.