grr. argh.

Still sick. I have wasted away my entire weekend sitting on the couch with my trusty box of Kleenex by my side watching reruns of Real World: Hawaii (my favorite!), Las Vegas, and Chicago. I am such a bum. I really find it weird that when i first started watching RW, I was like 14 and all the cast members were 7-10 years older. Now I’m as old or older than most of them! And when I turn 24 in October, I won’t even be eligible to audition for the show anymore! (Not that I want to or anything but that’s not my point). I feel so old.

Anyway, I always tell myself that when a new season of the RW starts, I’m not going to watch because each new one just seems to get progressively worse with all the sexing that goes on — but I find myself powerless to stop watching. Gah. Here I come RW: Paris! I also caught a few episodes of Surf Girls while watching too much MTV and thought that was a cool show… I shall add that to my weekly TV viewing schedule. 🙂

I was just surfing The and I discovered that the Dawson’s Creek link has been eighty-sixed. *sobs* The show is really over! I’m inconsolable.