work can be evil

Had a horrible, horrible day at work.

My boss was in town today and she just has this really unique way of stressing me the fuck out. GAH.

Normally she works out of our Los Angeles office so it’s just us minions here in San Francisco working on the projects she gives us. (Advertising does have some perks — we have access to really great pictures and it’s completely normal for anyone to be playing with PhotoShop throughout the day. yay.) Anyway, today is one of my boss’s designated days here in the Bay Area and she spent most of it dropping work in my inbox tray and then emailing me 5 minutes later asking if it was done yet. Ugh. First of all, it takes much longer than 5 minutes to do research, compile the findings into some sort of presentation, and then print and bind the darn thing. I mean, the printing alone can take 5 minutes! Crazy woman. Then, of course, she kept coming over to my desk over and over to check on the progress of the presentation, which is so annoying. Not to mention extremely distracting. I mean, I *know* there’s a deadline and I *know* I need to finish it as soon as possible — so there’s really no need to hover over my desk the whole damn time. AND all the while she kept giving me OTHER projects to work on that all needed to be finished at the same time because you know, I’m SuperHuman. She made me want to scream and cry all at the same time.

Or you know, maybe I’m just being dramatic because it’s that time of the month. Yes yes yes, too much info. Too bad for you. Humph.