bad work day

I’ve only been at work for about an hour and already I’ve had 3(!)… incidents. First, I arrive at work and check my voicemail — there’s a message from a potential client which I accidentally delete instead of save. So now this person is expecting a phone call from me but I don’t have her phone number because I didn’t write it down. So I obviously can’t call her back. Doh! Then, at around 9:30, I decide that I’m going to go get coffee downstairs at Starbucks. I get into the elevator, it’s going down and then it just stops. Agghhh! I had no idea where I was because the light that says what floor you’re on isn’t functioning. Maybe I was between floors, who knows. Then the elevator door starts making a weird buzzing noise like it’s trying to open but is stuck. I was only in the elevator for a few minutes but I was already starting to panic. I was about to press the emergency button when the door finally stopped making noise and the elevator finished going down. I pretty much ran out of there as quickly as I could. I got my coffee with no injuries but I’m forced to take the elevator back upstairs. I don’t want to but I don’t want to climb up the stairs even more. 9 floors, no way. Laziness always wins, lol. Anyway, I get to my office and guess what? I locked myself out. No one but security has keys to my office so I have to go up 2 floors and fill out all this paperwork just to be let back inside. GAH. I’m finally back here and now I’m so traumatized by the first hour of my day that I think I should just go home. I mean, they can’t expect me to be productive now, right? 😉 Hee. I wish.