a drop in the ocean

So I did it. I went and made myself a wallpaper site — I’ve named it A Drop in the Ocean and it’s located here. Please visit! 🙂

A TV meme-thing that I stole from Cat and Nicola

Name every show you watch, and favorite character on each.
Alias – Sydney
The Practice – Eugene
Everwood – Ephram and Colin (DON’T make me choose! I can’t!)
BtVS – Buffy
Gilmore Girls – Lane
Smallville – Lana
Dawson’s Creek – Jen
Friends – Chandler
Sex and the City – Charlotte
American Dreams – Meg

Doing that survey made me realize just how much I miss new TV. Rerun season is awful for TV junkies like me. But I won’t have to wait too much longer — I am eagerly waiting the August 5th premiere of O.C. on FOX. I mean, Mischa Barton! And Adam Brody! Whee.

In other news of my weekend, I went and read spoilers for Everwood. I KNOW! Gah. I am so disappointed in myself. I can’t believe I did that — it’s one of the few shows I don’t spoil myself for because it’s just that good, you know?


I can’t believe Colin died! *sniff* One of my most favorite characters, not to mention the cyuuuute Mike Erwin, is gone. But I have to say that I’m not really all that surprised. Killing Colin off really has the most impact on all the characters and on the town itself. Dr. Brown will suffer backlash from the community because he went through with the surgery regardless of all the risks, Ephram will have to deal with facing the kids at his high school knowing they will talk about his dad, and Amy will have to find a way to go on with her life after having her heart shattered. That’s some seriously heavy stuff and even though I am going to miss Colin something fierce (tm Pacey), I am really looking forward to what the second season of Everwood has in store for its viewers.