no sure thing

Yup, Ephram and Madison did the deed on Everwood. And surprisingly, I’m fine with it, lol. When I first heard about it, I was dreading the episode but I guess that’s why I love the show so much — there’s no sugar-coating. Ephram and Madison are together. They’re going to have sex. Like normal teenagers. In real life, you don’t always lose your virginity to the person you’re going to end up with. The only thing is that I wish they would make Madison just a tiny bit more sympathetic. I absolutely hated the way she said “sweetie” after Ephram’s… umm, his “scene.” (You guys know what I’m talking about).

Amy/Tommy. UGH. I just hate where this story is going. Just *once* I’d like to see a “bad boy” on a TV show who actually tried and succeeded in being “good.” I’m so tired of the whole “a bad boy can never turn his back on his past” type storylines. I thought the writers were going to surprise me. Guess not. As for Amy, I’m glad she’s finally using her brain and she actually listened to Laynie about Tommy. I totally thought Amy wasn’t going to believe her.

Yay Laynie! I’m glad they brought her back. I wish they would do more with her. 🙁

Andy/Linda. Snooze.

Some quotes I loved:

Bright: “She wants some Brown loving. So dish it out and serve it up hot, my friend.” BWAH!!!

Amy: “I had the right person in my life. Unfortunately, we ran out of time.” *sniff*

Madison: “Ok, you’re not allowed to hang out with Bright anymore.” HEE!

Edna: “Don’t give me crap and call it ice cream!”

Dr. Abbott: “Who was that who fell asleep on the couch watching ‘Reba’ with your mother and I?”

Ephram: “I can’t stand the thought of you being unhappy.” Ephram is the sweetest. EVER.