movies, movies, movies

So Rob and I had a really mellow Valentine’s Day. We did the whole “dinner and a movie” thing. 🙂 We saw Win A Date With Tad Hamilton which was good, cheesy fun. I LOVE Josh Duhamel. He was mighty cute in this movie. Hee. But I don’t know if it’s just me but I did *not* like Topher Grace’s character. At all. I know the audience was supposed to root for him to get the girl but I just didn’t. And I’m usually such a romantic.

Also watched Lost in Translation and Grind this weekend. LiT was beautiful — such a simple but really touching story. I was really impressed with both Bill Murray (loved his singing, hee) and Scarlett Johansson (she does lonely *so* well). Grind was one of those movies that you just want to forget about once it’s over. It was painful. Seriously. I only rented it because Adam Brody is in it, lol. He couldn’t even save the movie for me.

Found these JRM pics… he is so gorgeous. *sigh*