tv catch-up

I’ve only fixed the php coding on 2 of my fanlistings and I’m already getting lazy. *yawn*

So, of course, I decided to play a little catch-up with my TV commentaries…

American Idol
Wow. That’s really all I can say. I was *so* surprised that LaToya, Fantasia and Jennifer comprised the bottom three. I was secretly hoping it would have been Fantasia, Diana and John. Le sigh. I guess that means I’ll have to endure those three for another few weeks. I’m still shocked that Jennifer was eliminated. I didn’t really like her at the beginning of the finals but she’s grown on me. She consistently did better and better each week and I don’t really think she deserved to go. But AI really is just one big popularity contest these days. Oh, and making George pick the top group was SO cruel and tacky. Ugh. The poor guy. The 3 divas were all cheering and then to find out that they’re the bottom three? Evil.

I only managed to see the first half hour because I switched over to FOX to watch the horror that is American Idol. I wish I hadn’t. What I saw of Truth was excellent — it was Chloe-focused and she was totally rocking that truth serum. Plus, Pete! He likes Chloe! Aww. I have to download this episode — it’s killing me that I don’t know what happened at the end, lol.

The only thing that would have made this episode better for me would have been more Michelle. Is it just me or is it a little unrealistic that she’s not yet showing symptoms of the virus? I mean, she’s been walking around the hotel exposing herself to it! And so many of the hotel guests already have nose bleeds. Maybe I’m just trying to be optimistic. *crosses fingers for Michelle* The best part of the episode was when Kim, Jack and Tony were in the conference room screaming at each other about the operation. Talk about tense! I’ve enjoyed Kim this season so I’m hoping that the writers don’t turn her into a hopeless victim again in the next few hours. And didn’t it seem like Chapelle’s death just happened and nobody really absorbed it? That was really jarring. Anyway, yay for the official renewal for season 4!

One Tree Hill
Ok, so I’m firmly on board the Peyton-love train now. I just loved all her interaction with Jake and Jenny and her smackdown of Nikki — “All the eyeliner in the world doesn’t not make you into a psycho-stalker bitch!” OMG, Peyton rocks. I’ve also done a complete turn-around on Brooke. I thought she was tons of fun when she didn’t care what anyone else thought about her. But now, with the whole lying to Lucas about the pregnancy thing? I’m just not feeling her anymore. I know she’s hurting but the whole lie was just too calculated for me to have any kind of sympathy for her. Still loving Nathan and Haley (they *lurve* each other!) and Dan is still an evil, evil man. I can’t believe he told Lucas that he wanted Karen to have an abortion. But I almost felt sorry for him at the end when he was looking at Lucas’s pictures. Almost.

I also watched The O.C. and Friends but I think I’ve rambled on long enough. *g* Plus, I need to start cleaning my apartment. My cousin is coming to visit next week and this place is not ready for guests. Eeek!