this week sucks

This week is crummy.

So my office is moving (out of gorgeous downtown San Francisco! *sob*) this week so I’ve had to pack my desk/computer/files while at the same time, trying to keep up with regular work. NOT. FUN. Especially today when I realized that I needed a file that I had already packed. And there was no way that I was going to wade through 25 boxes of files just to find it.

Then I find out from my boss that I’m going to be taking over another job after the move because my company is too cheap to hire a replacement. (She didn’t say that but I know that’s the reason). So essentially they want me to do 2 jobs. I don’t even think there’s enough time in the day… my current workload keeps me busy as it is so to add even more responsibilities? UGH. If I’m going to be expected to work late, there better be some kind of increase to my salary.

AND it turns out that we’re going to have new “dress guidelines” for work. I used to be able to wear whatever I wanted — jeans, tees, sneakers. But now they want us to wear business attire every day. !!! So now I need to buy a few more black pants and some button-up shirts. Fantastic. I don’t even like shopping for work clothes. They’re so boring. Blah.

Work sucks. I wish I could somehow get paid for staying at home and watching TV. That would be an awesome job. Heh.