mike erwin spotting

David Anders wasn’t on CSI tonight… but that’s okay because Mike Erwin was! Squee!

Mike Erwin! My Everwood TV boyfriend! *happy sigh* He had a small role but it was very cool to see him again. Especially since I missed him when he recently appeared on Joan of Arcadia.

Another Everwood alum, Kate Mara, was also in this episode — she played Kate Morris in s1. It’s like a fandom reunion!

The episode itself was a bit of a letdown since last week’s was so good. And I was not happy that this Sophie person ate up so much screentime. She’s a day shift CSI! Why’d she take so much time away from everybody else? Like Warrick. He’s barely had any scenes in the last few episodes. Not to mention Sara who wasn’t even in this episode. Humph. CSI already has a great ensemble cast — use them! But I’m guessing there’s more in store for Sophie. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have had as many scenes with Grissom as she did, especially since she’s a DAY SHIFT CSI. I just hope it’s not a potential relationship. *cringes*

As for my other Thursday night addiction… The OC brought more Ryan/Seth shippy scenes. Which is all I really care about, hehe. Well ok, I also care about the Seth/Summer storyline. And as much as I want them to get back together, I have to agree with everything Summer said when she yelled at Seth at the carnival. He doesn’t deserve her — not when he can’t even admit that he did something wrong by leaving.

In non-TV news, I’ve officially started Christmas shopping! Mmm. I just love the holidays.