happy 3rd birthday to e-l.net!

I’ve had that Pacey/Joey layout up since April (APRIL!!!) so I thought it was time for a change around here. And I just love that picture of The OC cast even if Seth and Summer seem to be missing. I’m just going to imagine that they’re off enjoying some time alone together. HA.


Besides it’s e-l.net’s third birthday on Monday and I figured that was cause enough for a new layout. I can’t believe my domain’s been around that long. Craziness. So yay, Happy Birthday to my domain and all that!

Anyway, I’m going to enjoy the rest of my night by cozying up under a blanket, eating chocolate truffles, and flipping back and forth between Desperate Housewives and the Golden Globes. Can’t think of anything better right now. Have a great night everyone!