gg + supernatural premiere

Yay, it was a WB premiere night! 🙂

Gilmore Girls and Supernatural thoughts over here (beware spoilers)…

Gilmore Girls
First off, what was up with Luke’s hair?! I could barely concentrate on the dialogue because I was so distracted by his hair. It was so long and shiny.

Anyway, Luke said yes!!! YAY for Luke/Lorelai! If it weren’t for them, I think I might have been a little bored with the premiere. 🙁 Rory is completely getting on my nerves (OMGSHEISSOSPOILED), Logan had nothing exciting to do, and there was absolutely no Lane. Oh well. The previews for the next episode have me intrigued, though. I’ve been waiting for some Lorelai/Rory conflict!

I’m a complete scaredy-cat so I had a hard time with this show. LOL. But despite the fact that I had to look away a few times, I really enjoyed the pilot. I wasn’t expecting much at all so actually, it exceeded expectations. Jensen Ackles (HEISSOCUTE — YUM!) and Jared Padalecki have really good chemistry. I loved their back-and-forth brotherly banter. I do think the dialogue could use some work and I can see the “mystery of the week” storylines getting old fast. Let’s hope the writers are developing the mysteries of their father’s disappearance and the killing/burning of their mother and Jess. Anyway, I’ll definitely be tuning in for this show. 🙂

And maybe it’s just me but I really think the WB should have aired Supernatural after Smallville and paired Gilmore Girls with Everwood. Doesn’t that make more sense?