job offer

Does anyone remember when I was stressing out over submitting my resume for a new job?

Well… I was formally offered the job this past Monday. I’m supposed to have an answer for the agency by tomorrow morning (!!!) and I haven’t made a decision yet. EEEK. So typical of me to PROCRASTINATE on something so important. What makes it hard is that they actually managed to match my current salary (something I didn’t think they would do). GAH. It’s a great opportunity but it would definitely mean long work days and a much longer commute. Plus, the agency is TINY. I’m talking a 5 person team here in the San Francisco office. I don’t know if I could adjust to that type of work environment. I really don’t know. I hate making decisions…

I need to do some online shopping or something. You know… to clear my head. Hee. 😀