tivo 2

I turned down the job offer.

It was a great opportunity but I realized that I wouldn’t be as happy. It sounds a little silly but right now, I’m young and that’s really important to me. I was hesitant about the job from the very beginning so I’m positive that I made the right decision. (I really need to learn to listen to my instinct rather than waiting until the last minute). Thanks to all of you for your support! 🙂

While watching the Desperate Housewives season premiere, all I could think about was… Mehcad Brooks is HOT. But I don’t know about his storyline. It’s… um, weird? To say the least.

“I know she’s a bitch. But she’s family. That makes her our bitch.” — Best quote of the episode. From Andrew no less.

Also caught the Grey’s Anatomy premiere. I think I’ve flipped my loyalties. I used to love Cristina and feel indifferent to Meredith but now… I’m not sure. Meredith kicked ass by standing her ground with Dr. McDreamy (heh) and Cristina disappointed me with the way she treated Dr. Burke. Especially by not telling him that she’s pregnant. I still don’t like Alex. But I can see an Izzie/Alex relationship on the horizon. Damn it.

“You nasty. That’s why you got syphilis.” — Best quote of the NIGHT. Courtesy of Dr. Bailey. She’s so awesome.

Rob and I solved the problem of watching 10 billion shows on Thursday nights (damn networks). We bought another Tivo today. Hee! We are such TV geeks.

So… the CSI premiere.

I was a little underwhelmed by the cases and a little overwhelmed by Warrick’s news. WHAT. THE. HELL. I still can’t believe Warrick’s MARRIED. Just when I was warming up to the idea of Catherine/Warrick. This better not be a plot device to somehow bring them together because I can’t get behind that. Gawd, this show really knows how to kill ‘ships. Anyway, I did love the continuity from last season’s finale. I felt so horrible for Nick when he saw the bug — I wanted to give him a hug! And the Grissom/Archie scene when they realized that Walter Gordon had an accomplice gave me chills. I’ve always thought the show should have more storylines that span a number of episodes. And this’ll be a great one since all the CSI’s are so invested in it.