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It’s like the third week of the fall TV season and I’m ALREADY BEHIND. 2 of episodes of Gilmore Girls and 1 episode of The OC are sitting on the Tivo… EEK. I have some serious catching up to do this weekend.


Possible spoilers below…
America’s Next Top Model
Caught the last half of the 2-hour premiere thanks to the Tuesday reruns on UPN. There’s so much Miss Jay this season. I LOVE IT! He definitely makes up for the lack of Janice. Without him, the judging panel would be a total snoozefest. I was a little surprised at the elimination but I’ve finally come to realize that Tyra gets rid of whoever she feels like and not who actually *should* go.

Supernatural 1.03
I still watch this show with my hand partially covering my eyes. I can’t help it — I’m a scaredy cat. Plus, the haunting music doesn’t help. Anyway, I thought the “Monster of the Week” storyline was a little confusing and vague (I mean, WHY were all the killings accelerated? I didn’t get it) but I really enjoyed Amy Acker. I’m sad that her character was only around for this episode. She and Dean could have had something! I can find a ‘ship on ANY show, hehe. But my favorite ‘ship on the show is definitely Sam/Dean. Their brotherly banter is what keeps me watching every week. You know, I never really cared for Jared Padalecki as an actor before (I liked him on Gilmore Girls though he was a little bland) but I think he’s really great on this show. He’s becoming very watchable.

Lost 1.02, Adrift
This episode was so frustrating! I guess it was all the backtracking. I know it was necessary to go back and fill in the story introduced in the premiere but… ARGH. I’m just too impatient. 😛 Anyway, I totally fell in love with Michael and Sawyer in this episode. “What are you gonna do? Splash me?” HEE! They care. Even if it is begrudgingly. It was such a bittersweet moment when they saw the island and called it “home.” Is Michelle Rodriguez finally going to appear next week?!? Can’t wait!

Veronica Mars
SQUEE. I LOVED the premiere. (Well, I do have 1 nitpick and her name is Naima. UGH. Didn’t like her on America’s Next Top Model and I sure didn’t care for her on VM. Why was she there?!). I want to watch the episode again but I have to say that since I pretty much ‘ship Veronica with everyone — Duncan, Logan, Leo — this episode totally made my night! LOL. I also really liked seeing more of Dick (“My name is Richaaard.”) and the introduction of Charisma Carpenter’s character was classic. I’m not sure how I feel about the season-long “mystery” yet — I guess after Lilly’s murder nothing will compare. It seems interesting enough but I wonder if it’ll really keep our attention for 20+ episodes?

Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray are now separated. They’ve only been married since April! That’s awful. 🙁 But I can’t help but wonder what this means for their characters on One Tree Hill. EEEK.