tv catch-up

I love October… because October means my birthday! Woot!


I’m spending the weekend by myself (aaahhhh, alone time is so great) so I managed to do some TV catch-up. Possible spoilers ahead…

Gilmore Girls 1.02, Fight Face and 1.03, The UnGraduate
*yawn* There’s stuff going on but I am so bored. I’m waiting for something exciting to happen. And that does not include Rory getting a new hairdo (which I really, really like, actually) or doing anything involving the DAR. At least there was Lane! Finally. Very excited to see her even though I hate her storyline.

Alias 5.01, Prophet Five
%$#@! It better be a big fake-out or I will cry. I know Syd/Vaughn peaked in season 2 and never really got back on track but I can’t help it… I still adore them. And I’m so disappointed in this storyline. Why do they have to kill off all the people Syd loves? Danny, Francie, now Vaughn. 🙁 I was so sad when Vaughn was getting shot and Syd was trying to run over to him. Guh. Don’t even get me started on the whole double agent thing. Everything I loved about Vaughn is… GONE. I wish I could say that I’ll wash my hands of the show but I know I won’t. What is wrong with me?!?

Smallville 5.01, Arrival
Oooohhh, new credits! I like. But why is Erica Durance (yay, love Lois) before Allison Mack? They did that last season with Jensen Ackles coming before AM… why do they that? She’s a series regular and has been since the beginning, GEESH. I have to admit that I didn’t pay close attention to what was going on last season so I’m a little confused about… well, everything. Like Lex. Was it just me or was his turn to evil a little abrupt? And what the heck is wrong with Lionel? I’ve been planning on getting the s4 DVDs — I suppose I should do that sooner than later. Anyway, the Brainiac’s (squee, James Marsters!) introduction at the end was very cool. I’m excited to see him on this show. He should be a great addition.

Reunion, 1988
This show pains me. I wanted so badly for it to be good (partly because the concept intrigued me and partly because of Will Estes) but… it’s not. After the premiere, it’s been on a steady decline. And since it’s on a short hiatus for baseball, I don’t know that I’ll still care when it returns. I may just resort to spoilers so I can find out who died and who’s responsible. It’ll be less painful than watching the show, that’s for sure.

I wish the WB would stop showing promos for Related. I DON’T need another show to watch. But knowing me, I’ll probably tune in for the premiere. Let’s hope it’s completely awful so I can quickly forget about it. 😛

Still have The OC and Everwood to catch up on… but I should probably go to sleep since it’s 3 AM! HEE.