yay supernatural!

Holy back pain. I can barely concentrate on anything because it hurts for me to sit up or stand straight. I even spent most of the weekend in bed. I suppose I should go to the doctor. *wibble* 🙁

So, some good news — Supernatural has been picked up for a full season! Ahhh, TV never fails to make me feel better. At least I’ll have something good to watch on Tuesdays since Gilmore Girls is completely failing to deliver.

I feel like I’m always playing TV catch-up, lol (possible spoilers)…
Alias 5.02, … 1 …
It’s just not the same anymore. Weiss (possibly?) leaving is the last straw. Plus, there’s just too many newbies and they don’t interest me when there’s still lots of stories to tell about Sloane, Marshall, Nadia, etc (ie. the characters *already* on the show). At least the credits are new! (I love opening credits, I’m a dork). And they feature cast members other than Jennifer Garner! Awww. Not that I don’t love JG but, you know.

One Tree Hill 3.01, Like You Like An Arsonist
OMG, Nathan and Haley have killed me dead. That’s why I fell in love with them in s1. All their scenes were just so beautiful and angsty. OMGILOVETHEMSO. The scene where Haley goes over to Nathan’s bedroom and they say “Always and Forever” to each other is THE BEST EVER. Guh. As for the rest — I don’t care for Brooke/Lucas and I care even less about Peyton’s mom (and I normally love Peyton). On a shallow note, I don’t like Sophia’s bangs (AT. ALL) nor do I like BJL’s blonde hair (I know it’s her natural hair color but the brown hair from s1 was quintessential Haley). But I do love Hilarie’s new hair… much prettier than the curls. Oh, and just for the record, my money’s on Keith or Andy as the arsonist.

Related 1.01, Moving In, Moving Out, Moving On
Cute. Weak storylines, though. Especially for the youngest sister… college student who just dropped pre-med for the experimental art program. How original. I don’t know if this show will last, though — it has tough competition on Wednesdays (Lost, VM). But at least I know who Callum Blue is now! 🙂

Grey’s Anatomy 2.03, Make Me Lose Control
Ok. So maybe I’m warming up to Alex and Izzie. Damn it. I broke too easily. But maybe a relationship between them will give Izzie more screen time. I feel like she’s the character that gets shafted so we don’t know anything about her. 🙁 I want to see more Izzie! But OMG did Cristina/Burke tear my heart to pieces. I just about died when Burke was looking at the surgery board and realizing that Cristina was pregnant. And then when he got choked up as he was talking to his patient about a “broken heart.” *sniff* Gawd, Isaiah Washington is so good. This storyline definitely trumps the Meredith/Derek/Addison drama. So does anyone else think that there was something going on between Ellis Grey and the Chief back in the day? Hmmm.

Squee, my Veronica Mars DVDs have shipped! YAY!