weird habits

Can you believe that I’ve actually been out *doing* stuff this past week? Thus, the lack of blogging. This also means I was totally behind on TV. Until today, which I spent doing my best impression of a couch potato. I have such weird TV viewing habits.


So, the TV comments…

Gilmore Girls 6.06, Welcome to the Doll House
What happened to Logan?! He’s like a shell of what he was last season. I never particularly cared for him but he was charismatic and outgoing and that was refreshing. Now he’s just… lifeless. Kinda like the show. I hope next week’s episode with Rory’s 21st birthday spices things up a little.

Las Vegas
Is it just me or does Rachael Leigh Cook look WAY too young for Josh Duhamel?

Related 1.02, Hang In There, Baby
I’m glad this show is moving to Monday nights. It makes much more sense for it to follow 7th Heaven. Not to mention that now it has a fighting chance of surviving. My favorite sister so far is Ann (Kiele Sanchez) with Marjee (Lizzy Caplan) a close second. I don’t relate to either of their storylines but I think both actresses are fantastic. They’re funny without being over the top and subtle with the more serious/dramatic moments. The only sister I’m not overly enthused with is Rose (Laura Breckenridge). Her story has been done to death and I don’t care for the innocent, wide-eyed schtick she has going on.

One Tree Hill 3.02, From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
The focus on Brooke and Lucas is painful. Blech. I hate when shows rewrite history. And what happened to Peyton? 🙁 I get she’s hurting and frustrated with the whole biological mother situation. BUT. That doesn’t mean she has to be such an ass to Haley. Haley was there for her when the Peyton/Brooke/Lucas triangle came to a head so it’s disappointing now to see Peyton treat Haley with anything but understanding. The writers have already destroyed Haley for me… I hope they don’t do it to Peyton too!

Alias 5.04, Mockingbird
Ok. I take it back. I think I’m warming up to the newbies. It’s all Balthazar Getty’s fault. Why does he have to be so cute?! But I get the feeling that the writers are priming Rachel and Tom to “replace” Syd and Vaughn. Is this some sort of hint that Jennifer Garner might be leaving the show? Especially with a baby on the way? I seriously hope they don’t think the show can continue without her.

Yay, Prison Break and The OC are back this week! WOO HOO!