holiday songs

I’ve been listening to lots and lots of holiday music lately (I ADORE this time of year — holiday shopping makes me ridiculously happy) so I thought I would share some of the songs that I have on constant repeat…

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NSYNC – Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays
Britney Spears – My Only Wish (This Year)
Death Cab For Cutie – Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
Love Actually OST – Billy Mack – Christmas Is All Around
Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Is You

Songs deleted!

If anyone has any holiday recs for me, please comment! I love finding new songs to download. 🙂

Speaking of music, I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to Sarah for sending me the Rent movie soundtrack. YOU’RE THE BEST!!!

And for your viewing pleasure, here’s a picture of my teddy bear Bub (he’s on the left) and his cousin Tiger (Rob’s sister-in-law’s bear) under my gold/cream-themed Christmas tree…