v-day list

So I know Valentine’s Day is over… but I can’t resist taking a page out of TV Gal’s book and making a list of my Top 10 Favorite Kisses (one per couple). Complete with pictures!

1. Pacey & Joey, Dawson’s Creek

Joey: I think I’m in love with you.
Pacey: You think or you know?
Joey: I know. I’ve known it since the moment you kissed me and maybe even before that. As scary as it is, I don’t want to deny it anymore, Pacey. I don’t want to run from it and I don’t want to let it run from me.

MY OTP! Joey finally listens to her heart and she and Pacey share a kiss before they sail away for the summer on the season 3 finale, True Love.

2. Ephram & Amy, Everwood

Ephram: You’re it, Amy. You’re the one I want to be with. There’s no questioning it, no holding it back, no overanalyzing it. It just is.

These 2 finally get their timing together on the season 2 finale, The Day Is Done

3. Tony & Michelle, 24

Tony: Baby, you’re alive. And nobody else got hurt because of what I did. Now that’s more than I hoped for. I can live with that. Even in prison.

This scene from the season 3 finale hurt. Tony put Michelle’s life before his job and national security… and he pays a steep price for his love. JUST. Guh.

4. Nathan & Haley, One Tree Hill

Haley: You know I keep… I keep putting myself out there and you keep blowing it. And it’s probably a good thing because at this point there’s nothing that you can say or do that will surprise me.
[Nathan kisses her.]
Haley: Except that.

Nathan and Haley had their first kiss in The Search For Something More (episode 108) and it was everything I hoped for.

5. Jess & Joe, Bend It Like Beckham

Joe: Look, I can’t let you go without knowing.
Jess: What?
Joe: That even with the distance, and the concerns of your family, we might still have something. Don’t you think?

This kiss didn’t take me by surprise like their first but it made me absolutely giddy. It’s just *such* a hopeful kiss.

6. Anne & Gilbert, Anne of Avonlea

Anne: I don’t want marble halls and sunbursts, all I want is you.

Awww, my favorite literary couple. They had a relationship that was destined from the start. This kiss was monumental. And really, about time.

7. Buffy & Angel, Angel

This kiss from I Will Remember You (episode 108) kills me dead. It should be a really satisfying kiss but knowing what happens later in the episode… *sob* A completely happy moment that only one of them will remember. 🙁

8. Seth & Summer, The OC

This kiss in Rainy Day Women (episode 214) is so adorable that I can forgive the high cheese factor. After half the season apart, I can’t help but SQUEE! as Seth and Summer kiss to a great cover of Champagne Supernova by Matt Pond PA.

9. Ross & Rachel, Friends

This long-awaited kiss is one of the definitive moments of the series. Their fight just melts away…

10. Sydney & Vaughn, Alias

With the destruction of SD-6 at their feet, Sydney and Vaughn can finally let their feelings for one another come to the surface in Phase One (episode 213). Just a look and they come together. No words necessary.

So that’s it! 🙂 Now your turn — I’d love to hear about everyone else’s favorite fandom kisses.