rent dvd

Picked up the Rent DVD this weekend! YAY. Is it possible to love it even more on second viewing? Cause I totally do. My only problem with the movie was the lack of Benny and the DVD totally fixes that. The deleted scenes include a few with Benny, in particular one where he and Roger talk about Mimi. This scene redeems Benny in my eyes and I wish they had left it in because the movie ends without really showing us his good side. They also included the deleted performances of Halloween and Goodbye Love (*sniff* I thought this was great, especially the parts between Mark and Roger).

I also watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and March of the Penguins. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t understand the hype for either movie. Charlie had its moments (some funny and some… not so funny) but mostly I thought it was strange. And I didn’t like Willy Wonka’s flashbacks to his childhood. At all. And then, March of the Penguins. I was kinda bored. And I just don’t understand why the penguins don’t evolve so their breeding ground is closer to the water. :/

Anyway, we just got Just Like Heaven from Netflix. I’m looking forward to a fun and fluffy romantic comedy. Plus, Reese!