lost 2.20 and alias 5.13

First things first. Happy Belated Birthday Nicola! 😀

And now TV.

I’ve been feeling very “Meh” about TV this season but then I watched last night’s episodes of Alias and Lost. And they pretty much blew me away. It’s good to be unspoiled!

So Alias. Poor Nadia. Betrayed by Sloane again. I cringed when the camera closed in on the glass protruding from her neck. EEEK. I wish she hadn’t been brought back to life only to be killed again. 🙁 But it makes sense that they needed something to compel Sloane to work with Prophet Five again. I’m sad she won’t be in the series finale.

Then Lost. My first reaction after the episode was OMGWTF!!! And seriously, I’m still feeling the same way. Michael shot Ana Lucia and Libby!
MICHAEL! I definitely think he’s an Other now… he’s different somehow. He’s got to be working with them. His actions don’t really make sense otherwise… especially since he shot himself in the arm. WHOA. I mean, WHAT?!? What’s going on? Damn, I can’t wait for next week.