summer blockbusters

Aahhh, 3 day weekends are so awesome.

I’ve been watching movies like a crazy person (possible spoilers ahead)…

Mission Impossible:3
What a fun movie. There’s really no story to speak of… but there’s a ton of action and really, that’s all that matters. 😀 I even managed to get over my Tom Cruise issues and remembered why I used to love him. He does have that slightly crazy grin but he’s really a fantastic actor. But Jonathan Rhys Meyers was probably the highlight of the movie for me. I’m so shallow. He was in the majority of the movie and had a few comedic moments. *drool* It was also good to see Keri Russell again. She is incredibly gorgeous. It’s too bad she was barely in the movie. 🙁 Anyway, yay for JJ Abrams! He delivered a great movie. And of course, it wouldn’t be a JJ project without a cameo from Greg Grunberg! Heh.

The Da Vinci Code
I was really looking forward to this movie and unfortunately, it was a little disappointing. Tom Hanks completely didn’t match up to the Robert Langdon I imagined while reading the book. 🙁 I think Tom Hanks played it safe and made Langdon kinda boring. He didn’t own the character or make him unique. I’m having a hard time remembering his performance… it just wasn’t that memorable. Audrey Tautou (she’s so pretty!) and Ian McKellan, though, were great (but then again, when hasn’t Ian McKellan been great?). There were only a few subtle changes in the film translation, which I didn’t even pick up on until I started rereading the book. I do think that reading the book will help in following the movie, if only because there are so many historical and religious references that would have gone over my head otherwise. Or maybe I just didn’t pay enough attention in school. 😀 This is entirely possible.

X-Men 3: The Last Stand
Didn’t love this one as much as X2. It was still fun, though. And still much better than the first movie. I liked the additions of Kitty Pryde and the Beast and I was happy to see Iceman and Pyro (SQUEE!) again. Rogue continued to annoy, however (and I LIKE Anna Paquin). But I CANNOT(!!!) believe they killed off the Professor, Jean, AND Cyclops all in the same movie. *sob* Especially Cyclops. I love James Marsden. AND they stripped Magneto and Mystique of their powers. WTFOMG. I guess the Wolverine spin-off is up next… I just don’t see how they can do another X-Men movie with everyone gone.

I totally want to see Over the Hedge And I still have to watch Stick It. 😛