season finales, part 2

OMG, I am so exhausted. It was a fun but really tiring weekend. On Saturday, a friend and I went up to the Vacaville outlets (on the way to Sacramento from the Bay Area)… it was so HOT, about 95 degrees! I was dying. And sadly, I didn’t buy a thing. Then on Sunday, I went in to San Francisco for a denim sample sale. I LOVE jeans. I tried on a TON and only came away with one. What a disappointment. But then, I’m just glad I was able to get a few over my big hips. Heh.


My season finales commentary… continued (again, SPOILERS ARE AHEAD)…

I’m such a 24 junkie. You totally have to suspend belief while watching (ie. Evelyn managing to record the incriminating conversation between the President and Henderson and Miles deleting the recording with what looked like a laser pointer) but I’m willing. I love Jack! I was so glad when Logan got his comeuppance in the finale. *pumps fist* Jack showed you with his super-spy pen. HAH! And the smirks that Mike and Martha threw Logan’s way were pretty awesome. But was it just me or did we never get resolution on who (or what group/company) orchestrated the events of the day? Not Logan but the men with the earpieces who were ordering Logan around? I don’t remember finding out what their motives were. Or maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention. Oh well, I guess it doesn’t matter now that Logan is in custody and Jack is headed to China (EEK!).

Prison Break
So nothing really happened in the finale. I have to admit I was kinda disappointed. Well… sure, T-Bag had his hand cut off, Sara overdosed (she can’t be dead, right? RIGHT?), and the VP has taken control… but in terms of the escapees, they didn’t really get anywhere. OMG, it’s so frustrating! They aren’t much farther than they were at the end of the penultimate episode. And now they have no plane! Damn. I do like the tension that was created between Scofield and Pope, though. The warden is PISSED. That’s a great driving force for the second season.

SARA AND GRISSOM. What?! I can’t decide if I want them in a relationship anymore. :/ It wasn’t as great a finale as last season but it was decent. I’m SO glad Brass didn’t get killed off. The show wouldn’t be the same without him. It was nice to see Ellie again too. I didn’t realize until this episode that the actress also plays Louise on the Gilmore Girls. I knew she looked familiar. Yeah, I’m a little slow on the uptake. 😀

Now I’m off to watch the series finale of Everwood. *sob*