jury duty

Argh, the dreaded day is almost here. On Sunday I have to call in for… jury duty.

ACK. I am SO not looking to calling in. I hope, hope, hope that I don’t have to report to court. I’d actually rather be at work.

Speaking of work, this is a handy site if you’re trying to disguise your internet activities from your boss. Hehehe.

Watched Hitch tonight and really, really liked it. I’m *such* a romantic comedy kind of girl. 😀 Plus, Will Smith is awesome.

So I never blogged about my cousin’s wedding last weekend. Despite the heat (I can’t get over how HOT it is in SoCal — I don’t remember it being that hot in high school?!!), I had a great time. I was in the wedding party as a secondary sponsor. I got to walk down the aisle and everything! I think this might be a filipino tradition but there’s a part in the middle of the ceremony where there are 4 additional wedding rites — coin, cord, veil, and candle. I was asked to do the veil. I carried a huge veil down the aisle and after my cousin and his wife exchanged vows and rings, the priest called my partner and I up to the altar and we had to pin the veil on both the bride and groom as a symbol of their unity. It’s a really pretty part of the ceremony.

The reception was at the Marina Hotel in San Pedro. It’s right on the water so it was absolutely gorgeous. Some pics…

The last one is of Rob, me, my favoritest cousin ever Riz (it was her brother who got married — she was a bridesmaid) and her boyfriend Josh. 😀