season finales, part 4

Still trying to finish up on my season finale commentaries. I briefly thought about giving up since, I don’t know… THE NEW SEASON HAS STARTED. But I can’t give up. So…


It’s over. It’s really over. *sniff* But I’m glad the show went out the way it did. I absolutely LOVED the series finale. After it initially aired, I think I must have watched it a million times that week. It was a very fitting and well done ending. There wasn’t much that I didn’t love so I want to get that out of the way first…

Things I Wish Were Different
— Despite being 2 hours, the finale felt a little rushed. But I only have The CW to blame for that.
— Hannah going to Colorado A&M. I wish she had believed in herself enough to choose Notre Dame.
— Nina being the one to initiate her break-up with Jake. I wish that storyline was resolved prior to the finale. If only because it felt a little like whiplash seeing her with Andy at the end.
— I missed the ending narration. 🙁 But I found this entry on LJ, where one fan has written his/her own version of a narration. It would have been perfect.

Favorite Moments:
— Nina and Hannah tossing the engagement ring back and forth in Andy’s bedroom. Hilarious!
— Andy at Julia’s grave. *sob*
— Drunk Amy at the Bat Mitzvah. HEE!
— Delia getting her horse. I love the continuity!
— Andy’s proposal to Nina.
— Bright and Hannah’s scene on the hilltop. I’ve never really been a fan of their relationship but I liked that they kept the possibility of the future in the air. And their hug! It was one of those hugs that are really tight and meaningful. Best Friends for life. Awww.
— Dr. Abbott and Rose getting the baby.
— Amy’s flashbacks to all her moments with Ephram.
— Amy’s grand gesture. Go Amy! I loved seeing her go after Ephram after all the times he’s laid his feelings on the line for her. I loved seeing her look terrified and hopeful and beautiful all at the same time as she was standing in front of the ferris wheel. And Ephram’s stunned reaction was classic. Gawd, I love them!
*sniff* I think I need to rewatch the finale…

Gilmore Girls
I used to be indifferent to Rory/Logan but the finale turned me right around. I absolutely loved their scenes and I have to admit to crying during their goodbye scene. They were the most mature I’ve seen in a long time. As for Luke and Lorelai, I’m over them. I just don’t love them the way the fandom does so my loyalties are flexible. It’s too bad cause they’re turning Luke into a horrible character. 🙁 I say bring on Christopher! The finale was great but all in all, there was too much of that trobadour storyline. I love this show but sometimes it needs to scale back a little on the random filler. Yay for the premiere next Tuesday!

I’m sad it’s over. (Even though the show probably should have bowed out a few seasons earlier, IMO). I wish that the writers would have found a way to end the show without killing off Jack. *sniff* He was the best. But at least he died to ensure Sloane wouldn’t be able to cause anyone pain again. I was also upset about Tom’s death. He and Rachel had so much potential that it was sad to see it squashed so quickly. I know it’s a finale but there should be some storylines left for the imagination, you know? Not quite sure how I feel about Irina’s death… she was a great character but I was really disappointed that she chose Rambaldi over Syd. 🙁 All in all, I was satisfied with the ending and I loved seeing Syd and Vaughn together and happy at last.

I suppose that’s it. I have about 4 episodes of Smallville left on the Tivo and I doubt I’ll find the time to sit and watch them before the premiere. I’ll probably just skim through some recaps on TWOP. Hopefully that’ll be all I need to understand what the heck is going on. I’m such a bad fan. :/