paris day 2

Why didn’t I find out about this sooner?!? JOSH JACKSON is doing a Q&A session in Berkeley tonight!!! Maybe I can find a way in…

Work is kicking my butt. And I’ve only been there 2 weeks! The hours are long and when I get home, I don’t have much energy to do anything besides watch TV before heading to bed. So I’m tired. But I’m loving it… I’m learning a lot (media buying is very different from the sales side), I’m working on some great accounts, and maybe best of all, I get to be back in San Francisco. I just wish that I didn’t have to wait so long for my first paycheck, lol. I have another week and a half to wait, which seems like forever from now. Especially since I spent a good portion of my last paycheck while I was in Paris. EEEK.

I officially dropped Las Vegas and Six Degrees from my regular TV schedule. I’m still not completely caught up with TV after missing a week and a half worth of shows while I was in Paris. And I just have no desire to figure out what’s going on with these 2 shows. Plus, I’m very tempted to catch Day Break (Taye Diggs!!!) when it premieres so I figured I had to get rid of something if I was going to get invested in another show.

I read that The CW cancelled Runaway. HAHAHAHA. I bet they’re wishing they renewed Everwood. I’m still a little bitter. I don’t let go of things very easily. :/

So anyway, more Paris stories, anyone?

Sat, October 14: Day 2
We woke up at 7:30am after a really restless night. I kept waking up in the middle of the night and would stare at the ceiling before drifting off to sleep again. Damn jet lag! Anyway, after showering (OMG, the shower is about as small as the elevator!) and getting ready, we went down to the breakfast room. There was a beautiful spread of baguettes, croissants (so flaky and buttery, YUM), hard-boiled eggs, milk, coffee, and orange juice. I’m usually too rushed in the mornings to eat breakfast so it was a pleasant change to sit down and eat before heading out for the day.

It was time to conquer the Metro. We somehow figured out how to buy a carnet of tickets but then we almost got on the RER instead of the Metro train. OOPS. After that first mix-up, we got on the correct train, even managed to transfer trains, and ended up at the Eiffel Tower, which was the meeting point for the tour. We spotted our tour guide as he rode up to the base of the Tower on a segway. Hee! We went over to introduce ourselves and we found out that his name’s Mike and he was originally from Sacramento. Small world!

As soon as the rest of our group arrived (2 other couples from CA and South Africa), we walked over to the City Walks Headquarters to practice on the segways. Mike showed us how to go forward and backward, turn and stop. I WAS AWFUL. At first. To go forward, you have to lean forward just slightly. I was totally overdoing it. I would lean forward too much, which, of course, propelled me forward *really* fast. Plus, I was also pretty bad at stopping. To stop, you have to shift your weight backwards quickly, by leaning back or kind of sticking your butt out. I almost hit Mike because I couldn’t stop and I was going too fast. Hehe. But after a few more minutes of practice, though, I got the hang of it and I loved it! 🙂 Once Mike deemed all of us competent, we were off for about 3 hours of riding around the city. I had 1 “moment” at the beginning of the tour — I think I was getting *too* comfortable with the segway and I started going faster and faster. I didn’t realize that Mike had stopped at Les Invalides to talk a little bit about it and I ran right into one of my fellow tour mates. OMG. It was one of those situations where your mind is telling you to do something (in my case, STOP!) but my body couldn’t react quickly enough. Neither of us fell off our segways or got hurt so it was more embarrassing for me than anything else. We had a good laugh. Anyway, the tour took us from the Eiffel Tower, through the Les Invalides area, along the Seine and to the Louvre, where we took a much-needed lunch break. It’s much more tiring than it looks! I guess because you’re putting so much pressure on your toes and heels. We had lunch at a cafe in the Tuileries Gardens. I had a ham and cheese quiche (amazing!) and Rob had a hot dog. It sounds strange since you know, we’re in France and he’s having a hot dog. But surprisingly, they’re really popular there. And they do serve them differently — the hot dog is in a baguette with melted cheese on top. YUM.

We were tired after the Segway tour so we went back to our hotel to get some rest before going out for dinner. It’s funny because Rob and I have completely different travelling styles. I like to be out all day and see as much as possible while Rob needs to have a break in the afternoon so he can rest and take a nap. We definitely had to make compromises in the way we spent our days! After Rob’s nap, we took a walk down Boulevard St. Germain and went to Pizza Vesuvio for dinner (I was craving Italian food). I had Spaghettie alla carbonara and Rob had a pizza. He also ordered a Coke, which cost 3.60 euros. That’s like $5!!! I was forewarned that sodas were expensive in Paris but that blew us away, lol. The food was excellent, though. And I was so proud because we managed to order everything and ask for the check all in French. Following dinner, we headed down to the Seine and strolled along the river for a bit. Paris is so beautiful at night! *sigh* Then we grabbed Haagen Dazs ice cream (strawberry for me, cappucino caramel truffle for Rob) on the way back to the hotel.

Up next: More walking!