return to normal

So I’m back in the Bay. The past week I spent in LA went by way too quickly. WHY DOES IT ALWAYS DO THAT?

Some highlights…

— Attending my cousin’s college graduation. Finally, she graduates! Hehe.
— Christmas shopping for 12+ hours with my dad at 2 different malls. He decided to wait until the last minute to buy ALL his gifts.
— Playing with the Wii for 6 hours on Christmas Eve. Rob brought it over to my family’s get-together and instead of dozing off like we normally do while waiting for midnight, we played video games. LOL. Even my dad!
— Spending 2 days with my best friends in LA.
— Receiving holiday cards in the mail from Alie, Sarah, Marianne, Jill, and Kelly.

And, of course, PRESENTS! I had a pretty darn awesome haul…
— diamond heart necklace from my dad. Awww.
— massage gift certificate to Burke Williams
— $100 Victoria’s Secret gift card
— $100 American Express gift check
— $50 Target gift card
— $50 Banana Republic gift card
— $50 Macy’s gift card
— $25 Amazon gift certificate
— a few Starbucks gift cards
— AMC movie gift certificates
— some cash
— black goose down jacket
— red sherpa robe. Mmmm, so soft.
— VS PINK velour lounge pants
— Anne of Green Gables book set
— South Beach Diet recipe book
— Everyone Worth Knowing by Lauren Weisberger
— Eragon by Christopher Paolini
— Beverly Hills 90210 s1 DVDs
— 24 s5 DVDs
— The Devil Wears Prada DVD
— 2 pairs of fingerless gloves. LOVE THESE.
— trouser socks
— scarf
— Harry Potter scene it

I don’t want the holidays (and my vacation) to end!!! *sniff* Only 3 more days til… WORK. ARGH.

But first, New Year’s Eve! I’m almost positive Rob and I are going to have a low key night at home as usual. Do any of you have fun plans? 🙂