step up + smallville

Eeek. I don’t know if anyone noticed but I had a bit of a domain scare this past week. I arrived home on Wednesday to check on my blog and found one of those dreaded domain placeholder pages. I forgot to renew my domain. !!! Luckily, my registrar let me renew it even if I was past the deadline. Phew. What a way to celebrate’s 5th anniversary. YAY!

Anyway, I saw the movie Step Up recently and while it was mediocre (the dancing saved the movie for me), I must say that Channing Tatum is HOT and I would gladly watch this movie over and over just for him. 😀 It also had a pretty rocking soundtrack, mostly Pop and R&B songs. Here are a few of my favorites for your downloading pleasure —

Right click, save as…
username: cookie
password: monster

Ciara ft. Chamillionaire – Get Up
Petey Pablo – Show Me the Money
Samantha Jade – Step Up
Chris Brown – Say Goodbye (this one’s a “slow jam,” if you will)

I also watched the Justice Leage episode of Smallville and it was SO MUCH FUN. Cheesy but totally awesome. I haven’t watched the 4 episodes prior to this one (they’re saved on the Tivo) but that didn’t matter. It wasn’t really necessary to follow the storyline. The BEST part was when the Justice Leaguers walked away in slow motion from the explosion. SQUEE. I would totally watch a spinoff. (And apparently I’m not the only one — someone already put together credits for a JL-centric show). But does this mean that Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow is officially gone? I LOVE HIM. HE ROCKS. And he’s a big reason why I’m enjoying this season. Please tell me he’ll still be around. I don’t know if SMVL will still hold my attention without him.