easter weekend

Aaahhh, I’m having a nice and relaxing Easter weekend so far. Hope all of you are as well.

I had Friday off from work, which was so great. 😀 I got the chance to meet up with friends for lunch and we checked out the new H&M that opened up near my apartment. Then to top off my day, I got a much-needed pedicure. If only life could be as simple as this…

I’ve recently become seriously addicted to The Travel Channel. I’ve been recording the daily reruns of Passport to Europe. Samantha Brown, the host, can sometimes border on annoying and cheesy (a la Rachael Ray) but whatever, it’s EUROPE. *sigh* I wish there was a way to make travelling my day job. Or just to have the time and money to leave everything and travel through Europe for a month. I even checked out the 5 Takes website to see if they were casting. LOL. (It’s a reality show where 5 travelers are chosen to be immersed in a country and the online community on the Travel Channel site decides their daily activities, their next destination, etc). Unfortunately, you have to be 30-39 to apply. WHAT IS WRONG WITH BEING 27? 😛

The one regret I have about my college experience is that I didn’t take time over the summers to travel. I spent all my summer vacations fitting in summer school so I could graduate with a double major. If I could, I’d go back and change that in a heartbeat. I’d have taken an extra year to graduate or even applied to a study abroad program. Everything’s 20/20 in hindsight, right?

I’m also loving the Travel Channel’s 1,000 Places to See Before You Die. This show chronicles the adventures of a really lucky couple who gets to travel around the world for a few months. (The show’s based on the book of the same name). I found out about this show in Paris from our Segway tour guide. He had just finished filming a segment for the show a few nights before, which featured the Segway tour. I can’t wait to see the episode when they get to Paris. So far, they’ve been to Alaska and Italy and every time the episode is over, I am SO JEALOUS. Can you imagine? 13 weeks. All expenses paid. LUCKY.

In honor of Easter, I thought I’d share this link to the 2007 US State Easter Eggs. It’s an annual tradition that each state (plus DC) submits a decorated egg to the White House. I think it’s kinda fun. My favorites are Georgia, Maine and Washington.

Ok, enough randomness for today… I’m off to watch the first episode of The Tudors. Jonathan Rhys Meyers! WOOT.