summer movies

Haven’t been doing much except HATING WORK. Argh. Clients are especially needy and my boss is all strung out and getting on my nerves. 🙁 SUCKS.

AND my company just won the California Lottery as a client so guess what?! That means I can NO LONGER win the lottery. Sure I can play, but I won’t be seeing any money should I happen to win. GREAT. How am I going to finance my wedding now?! GUH. (Sorry for all the CAPS. I can’t help it).

Speaking of the wedding, Rob and I are going to be in Southern CA visiting our dads this weekend for Father’s Day so we’ve picked 6 venues to visit. I’m crossing my fingers that one of them will work!

Anyway, it’s the movie blockbuster season and so far, I’ve checked out 2 of the billion sequels that are coming out this summer…

Pirates 3
Meh. There were too many things going on and it was waaayyy too long. Plus, the multiple Jacks were totally weird. :/ I did find myself feeling so sad about the fate of Will and Elizabeth, though. That is ROUGH.

Ocean’s 13
Well, OF COURSE, I loved this movie. 😀 George, Brad, Matt… awesome! It was so much better than Ocean’s 12. Thank goodness. I mean, it’s not an original movie and it was pretty darn predictable, but WHATEVER. That’s cool with me. I still highly recommend it for a rockin’ good time.

Next up… I totally want to see Ratatouille!