happy things

Back in high school, my best friend Carmen used to give me the 14,000 Things to Be Happy About daily calendars because I was constantly making myself sad. I had a hard time going through adolescence with just my dad around so I always complained and made my life seem even more depressing than it was.
I haven’t entirely grown out of that phase. 😛

Sometimes I’ll catch myself making a bigger deal out of something than it deserves (a good example would be wedding-related stuff) so I force myself think happy thoughts. Tonight would be such a time…

5 Happy Thoughts
1. coffee sprinkled with chocolate
2. playing hooky from work (I am *so* tempted to call-in-sick at least once a week)
3. warm chocolate chip cookies
4. Sharpie pens in the colors of the rainbow
5. the smell of barbecue

I’ll get around to posting Harry Potter thoughts… Someday. 🙂
Hope everyone has a great week!