tv wrap-up 3


The new fall TV season is right around the corner and I am GOING TO FINISH LAST SEASON’S WRAP-UP if it kills me.

Beware spoilers…

I don’t really remember much leading up to the season finale. OOPS. I do know that the second half of the season was *far* better than the first. As far as the finale, I vaguely remember the following:
— I liked Jack again. Mostly because he was crazy and suicidal.
— Hurley attacking the Others with the bus. That rocked.
— Future Kate is *gorgeous.*
— Jack and Juliet’s kiss bugged the heck out of me. *twitches* DO. NOT. BELONG. TOGETHER.
— It took Charlie’s death to make me like him. For probably the first time ever. I’m (surprisingly) going to miss the guy.
I have no idea where all the storylines are going but I’m actually enjoying the show again. YAY.

I used to be a huge Clark/Lana fan but at this point, their relationship is just silly. How many times are they going to be ripped apart and then thrown back together again?! UGH. The finale was pretty forgettable except for the fact that Lana’s car was blown up (is she dead or not?!?) and Chloe’s power was revealed (is she dead or not?!?). Oh, and I guess the Phantom Zoner took a piece of Clark’s DNA and is now masquerading around with his likeness. Good times.

One word: Awesome. Dean sacrificing himself to bring Sam back. Ellen and Bobby kicking ass. Dean shooting the demon with some help from Dad… I thought the finale brought a satisfying end to the demon storyline. But I’m totally anxious about the set up of next season’s arc. *bites fingernails* You know, I rarely blog about this show but GAWD, it’s so good and I love the Winchesters to pieces.

HUH. I just realized that I never watched the season finales for Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters, and One Tree Hill so I guess I’m actually done with my TV reviews for now. Maybe I’ll get around to it in the future but knowing me, I won’t. I’ll probably just read the recaps on Television Without Pity and call it a day.

Next up: I’m going to plan my TV schedule for the season. I intend on scaling it WAY back. I tried to keep up with too many shows last season and as you can see, that totally flopped. 😛