new tv season

I finally received my Fall TV Preview issue of Entertainment Weekly. This is probably my most favorite issue of any magazine EVER. I always have to read through all the show summaries before making decisions on my TV schedule (hee, I take this *way* too seriously :P). Here it is with the respective season premiere dates:

Prison Break 9/17 @ 8pm (FOX)
I don’t know if I’ll keep watching PB. I wasn’t overly thrilled with last season’s finale and now if the cast rumors I’m reading are true, then I won’t really enjoy the show the same way anymore.
Heroes 9/24 @ 9pm (NBC)

Reaper 9/25 @ 9pm (CW)
There’s a lot of positive buzz surrounding this show so I’m going to give it a try. If I don’t care for it, there’s always House, which is on at the same time. I never used to watch the show but this summer Rob and I started watching the reruns on cable. All the episodes are shown out of order and I have no idea what’s going on with the characters’ personal lives, but whatever… the show is awesome. If all else fails, I have a free night!

Pushing Daisies 10/3 @ 8pm (ABC)
Gossip Girl 9/19 @ 9pm (CW) – I have to get my trashy teen fix from SOMEWHERE, right? 🙂
Private Practice 9/26 @ 9pm (ABC)
Dirty Sexy Money 9/26 @ 10pm (ABC)

Ugly Betty 9/27 @ 8pm (ABC)
Smallville 9/27 @ 8pm (CW)
Grey’s Anatomy 9/27 @ 9pm (ABC)
CSI 9/27 @ 9pm (CBS)
Supernatural 10/4 @ 9pm (CW)
UGH, Thursdays suck.

Friday Night Lights 10/5 @ 9pm (NBC)

Brothers and Sisters 9/30 @ 10pm (ABC)
I thought I was going to cut back this season but I guess not. :/ OOPS. I’m sure this schedule will change anyway. Some shows will get cancelled and others won’t hold my interest. I’m so excited! New shows start next week!