weekend highlights

Had an incredibly tiring weekend… we drove down to LA Friday night to attend Rob’s nephew’s baptism and then turned right back around and drove back home on Saturday night — phew! I was *so* not ready to go back to work today.

Yesterday was my rubber stamping class at Paper Source. It was so much fun! I learned about the variety of ink available, what works best on different types of paper, embossing, masking, etc. I think I’m going to attempt to make all my holiday cards this year. YAY! Let’s hope I don’t look back at this and curse myself, hehe. If you want a holiday card from me, leave me a comment and I’ll email you for your info. 🙂

I also watched the Emmy’s last night. I thought it was a disaster. (Not the winners or anything — I’m pretty indifferent to the actual awards). I hated the round stage, didn’t care for Ryan Seacrest, and the whole production just seemed so… amateur-ish. I DID enjoy the Family Guy intro (Stewie’s awesome) as well as the moment when Steve Carell went up to the stage to claim the Lead Actor in a Comedy series award (BWAH! Hilarious). Otherwise, it was pretty awful.

In other TV-related news, the Television Without Pity redesign is weirding me out.
Hmm… I thought I had more to blog about. I guess not. :/ I’ll be back once I’ve watched the Prison Break premiere!