wedding update

Wedding Update. 😛

Remember how we went to Southern CA for Labor Day weekend to meet with vendors? Well, after much discussion and a few budget revisions (EEEK), we’ve finally signed contracts and sent deposits in for our major vendors. YAY! We’re pretty broke at the moment but so excited to share our “team” with you all…

Coordinator/Consultant: Angel from Events of Love and Splendor
As soon as I met Angel, I think we just “clicked.” We have a lot in common — she graduated from CAL, grew up in Cerritos, and is a self-proclaimed geek. She’s awesome. But seriously, she made me feel confident that she can take our plans and ideas and run with them. She’s organized, detailed, and super stylish — I’m really looking forward to working with her!

Photography: Ray and Erwin from Apertura Photo
Apertura’s work speaks volumes. I found a link to their website from the best wedding blog ever, WeddingBee, and I was hooked. Before I ever contacted them, I was stalking their blog every day checking to see if they had posted anything new. Hehe. I knew they were going to be pricey but photography is a priority for us and we managed to make it work. I can’t wait for our engagement session!

Florals: Allison from Flower Allie
I loved her right from the start. Our meeting was at 8am and she was upbeat, excited, and open to discussing all of my ideas. I envision the flowers to be a key part of the decor and I can’t wait to see what she can do!

Officiant: Father Brian from Good Shepherd American Catholic Church
The last time I mentioned the ceremony, we were still looking for a church. That search ended after unsuccessful discussions with the pastors of 7 different parishes. I never thought priests (of all people) could make me feel so unwelcome. Luckily I found Fr. Brian and the Good Shepherd Church, which is an American Catholic Church. So while our marriage won’t be recognized by the Roman Catholic Church (because the ACC is basically an offshoot of the RCC but with slightly different beliefs), this is the best compromise that I was able to find. My dad will get his Catholic wedding and we get to have the ceremony in the same place as the reception (which is what we wanted in the first place). Unfortunately, since we’re not getting married in the Church, this means that my favorite childhood priest, Fr. Joe, won’t be able to preside over the ceremony. As much as that would have meant to me, I’m optimistic that the ceremony is actually going to be more representative of “us,” which is the most important thing anyway.

Next up: Do research on DJ/entertainment and Invitations!