pb & gg premieres

MTV has been airing a marathon of SO You Think You Can Dance season 3 this weekend. I LOVE dancing but I’ve never been able to regularly watch this show. Maybe because it’s on during the summer, which I consider to be my “TV break.” Anyway, it’s amazing how much time I’ve spent on the couch watching this marathon. EEEK. TV marathons are such a huge time-suck.

I also watched the Prison Break and Gossip Girl premieres.

Prison Break
I’m not feeling it. The direction of this season doesn’t really interest me. I don’t like SONA (and all its internal politics) and I don’t like Michael having to break out of prison AGAIN (although seeing Linc on the other side makes me appreciate his character much more — I’ve never truly cared about him except when it comes to LJ). And where’s Sarah Wayne Callies? I don’t think I saw her name in the credits. *sniff* But ok, Wentworth Miller totally sold Michael’s sad, sad plight to me (GAWD, WM is gorgeous even when he’s scared and anxious). Also, T-Bag still creeps me out. Big time. I’ll probably keep watching, though, because Rob still enjoys the show and I don’t think there’s anything else I want to watch in the same timeslot.

Gossip Girl
YOU KNOW I LOVED IT. Hehehe. Ok ok, the narration felt a little heavy-handed and there was too much of it, but wow, I think Kristen Bell is absolutely perfect. She has the kind of voice you just pay attention to. As for the characters, I think Dan is my favorite with Blair a close second (Leighton Meester is freaking gorgeous and she is fantastic in this role). I’ve never read the books but the show has me intrigued! I especially want to find out why Serena left for boarding school in the first place. GG *definitely* fulfills the necessary trashy teen quota in my TV schedule. I hope it sticks around.

Tomorrow: Heroes premieres!