real life update

I know I’m a week late but R.I.P. Heath Ledger. There’s nothing to say except his death was a horrible, horrible tragedy and he will be sorely missed. I didn’t realize that he and I were the same age until this week… it’s a little eerie seeing 1979-2008. 🙁

So… I’m doing so badly at blogging this year. My days seem to be flying by so quickly nowadays (it gets worse and worse every year)… but a real life update is long overdue!

I had a tooth extraction this afternoon… and now that the anesthesia has worn off, I’m in so much pain. *whimper* I’m such a baby.

The hard drive on my laptop is continuing to make really annoying loud huffing noises. Anyone have any experience with this? My prediction is that this is not going to end well. So I’ve been frantically backing up all my data on my external hard drive. As much as I would love to get a shiny new laptop, I so don’t have it in my budget right now. Please don’t die on me. Please don’t die on me.

Wedding planning is… going. 😀 We now officially have a DJ for the reception and a classical guitarist for the ceremony (mmm, live music, yay!). And we’ve finally started our registry. But it is FAR from being completed. It’s actually a lot more work that I thought. It’s not just walking through the store and scanning this and that! (Though that’s totally fun too, lol). Rob and I have a mish-mash of cheap-o kitchen tools and accessories so we’re in need of some quality items. But it’s been tough because we have to research the products and factor in functionality, style, cost, etc. So. Much. Work. But so far, the biggest wedding nightmare has been the GUEST LIST. Compiling those names and addresses and making sure everything is correct is kind of a pain. I just ordered our “Save the Date” postcards so I’m hoping to finish the guest list this week. *crosses fingers*

Speaking of weddings, our old roomie, Jimmy, got married this past weekend. Awww. 🙂 Here’s a picture of Jimmy and me and one of Rob and Eleen (the bride, obviously)…


Please excuse my shiny, round face.

And I have to share a picture of the yummy cupcake bar that they had instead of a traditional wedding cake.

All the cupcakes were made by one of Eleen’s bridesmaids and let me tell you, they were SCRUMPTIOUS. Mmmm. Such a cute idea.

Hmmm. Seeing that picture of me above is making me re-consider the whole “no bangs” look. (I don’t think I ever mentioned it here but back in July, I decided to grow my bangs out because they require so much maintenance). I look ROUND. That’s not quite the look I was going for. ARGH.

Anyway, I’m so, so excited for this week because I only have 2 days of work! Rob and I heading down to LA on Wednesday for a tasting with our wedding caterer. YUM. Can’t wait.

Hope everyone has a good week!