witl, day 4

Ugh, my allergies were acting up last night so I didn’t feel like blogging my pictures. So now I’m a day behind. Oops. 😛

A Week in the Life of Kel, Day 4

*These are pictures from Sunday.

11:05 am – Sunday Brunch
One of our favorite things to do on the weekends is to go over to 4th Street in Berkeley. We decided to go earlier in the day and start off with a yummy breakfast at Tacubaya. Chilaquiles for me and Chorizo and eggs for Rob.

11:28 am – Scrap Happy
After breakfast we went over to the best scrapbook store EVER — Scrapbook Territory. You’ll see why in the next picture.

11:37 am – Diesel’s Scrappy Friends
Diesel has friends! The owner, Diane, has 2 dogs that hang out at the store — Wilbur is the huge golden retriever (I think) and Dolce is the chihuahua. They like to say Hi to him when he comes in. 😀

11:43 am – Posing in the Aisles
Hehe. Rob and Diesel are waiting patiently as I take my time going through each aisle to see if there’s anything new. Can you tell Rob is so excited to be in a scrapbook store?

11:45 am – Til Next Time
Saying Bye to his buddies…

11:58 am – Surrounded By Treats
Diesel’s favorite store at 4th Street is George — this is where we got his yummy birthday cookie. We can’t help but pick up treats for him when we’re here. (Sorry for the shot of Rob’s feet — I told you I’m not a good photographer).

12:05 pm – Paper Heaven
I had to pick up some thank you cards. Like I need a reason to go to Paper Source.

12:12 pm – Diesel Loves Paper Source Too!
I couldn’t help it. I bet Rob just loves that I make him pose for these pictures.

12:17 pm – Mmm… Ice Cream
A day at 4th Street is not complete without a trip to Sketch. Mmm. I had the Plain Yogurt (my favorite) and Rob had coffee (sooo good).

And that was pretty much my Sunday. I spent the rest of the day in bed because of my stupid allergies. :/ Too bad… I really wanted to check out Iron Man. Maybe next weekend…