the 2 w’s

The 2 W’s have taken over my life… Work and the Wedding.

Work has been absolutely crazy lately. It’s the dreaded “planning” season, which means looooooong days. SUCKS to be me. But our team just got approval to hire an Assistant so that’ll definitely help whenever we find the time to actually recruit and interview candidates. :/ I really, really, really want my hours to be “normal.”

But the craziness doesn’t stop at work. Oh no. I get home and go into Wedding mode. Rob and I spent the past 2 weeks working on getting all our invitations out the door. We finally got them all mailed out over the weekend. YAY! Once I get confirmation that our out of state guests have received theirs, I’ll share pics!
Now I’ve moved on to other projects — like designing the programs and menus, figuring out if I can handle putting together a slideshow to play at the reception or not, selecting our ceremony music, etc etc etc. OMG.

Not going to think about ALL THAT STUFF right now.

Anyway, this past Saturday I went to my very first Bridal Shower for my good friend Shirley. Despite the heat, it was a really fun-filled day. Her bridesmaids did a great job coordinating everything. We all met at Shirley’s place for breakfast and introductions, then we went to Napa for massages (mmm, so nice), and finally ended up at V. Sattui winery for food, games, and gifts! Shirls, I can’t wait for your wedding — 1 more month! 😀

In TV news, I have not been keeping up with any current shows, except for Lost. It’s too hard. I did manage to get caught up with Gossip Girl (minus the season finale) while I was working on the invitations. But I have tons of One Tree Hill, Brothers and Sisters, Smallville, Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy episodes saved on the Tivo. I don’t know guys. It looks like I might have to start deleting these. Smallville will probably be the first to go.

Too bad I’ll probably have even more TV piling up because I was reading the new show descriptions from the recent Upfronts and I’m totally eyeing the new 90210 series that the CW picked up (WHAT? I grew up with 90210!) and OF COURSE, the new JJ Abrams show, Fringe, that Joshua Jackson is starring in. The show doesn’t really look *that* appealing but whatever, PACEY!!!


I’m delirious and it’s past my bedtime.