Been a busy bee lately.

My cousin Rizza (aka Maid of Honor) was in town for the weekend to help with a wedding project. Rob and I wanted to incorporate our alma mater, UC Berkeley, into our wedding so we decided to name our reception tables after campus buildings. And we thought we would go the extra mile and attempt to get our photos taken in front of them. (We’re dorks, I know). I asked for Riz’s help with this because she’s a photographer and it was an excuse to get her to come visit me. 😀

So on Saturday, we spent 4 hours walking all over campus posing like crazy people in front of over 25 buildings (we won’t really have that many tables — I wanted to have more options just in case). Riz has to go through all the photos and process our selections but I thought I would share a random one we took…

These cute bears are on the North side of campus. Awww.

It was a really tiring day but good practice for our engagement photo shoot this coming Sunday. FUN!