bridal shower

OMG. I haven’t blogged in over a week. Life has been moving so quickly that I can barely keep up. It’s exhausting.

So in my last entry I mentioned that I had my bridal shower last weekend… it was awesome! I feel so blessed to have such amazing friends and family. Not to mention the most wonderful Maid of Honor (aka my cousin Riz) ever.

Look at what she put together for ME!

The FOOD! All prepared by my cousin and my aunt. I did help a little with the grocery shopping. 🙂

The FAVORS! These consisted of chocolate lollipops in the shape of daisies and a variety of truffles. YUM-O! My cousin also made these candies from scratch. She is crazy.

GIFTS! It was a loosely themed “recipe” shower where the ladies were supposed to bring a recipe to correspond with their gift. I received lots of fun kitchen gadgets… I am hoping to put them to good use. EEEK. I am definitely not very good in the kitchen. :/

My cousin and me at the end of the day.

And yes, I realize that was the third time I wore that blue dress in the month of June. HEE! 😀

Fast forward to this weekend. I had 4 whole days off from work. So awesome. You don’t even know. My best friend Carmen came to visit and rather than go out and do 4th of July activities, I held her hostage in my apartment and put her to work stamping wedding favor tags, adhering labels, and gluing the menus.

BWAHAHAHA. It was so productive!

Now I’m looking ahead to this coming weekend where I’ll be in LA AGAIN for my dad’s big 60th surprise birthday party. PHEW. So much stuff going on right now! And no, I will not be wearing that blue dress again. 😉