Happy Month-iversary to Rob and me! Time has flown by WAY too quickly and we haven’t even started our Thank You cards. Eeeek.

I watched Fringe tonight. First, I have to admit that I would watch this show for Joshua Jackson alone. I HAVE NO SHAME. (Pacey and Joey for life!)

So I liked the show. I think it has potential (beware spoilers)…

And I’m intrigued enough by the characters (particularly Agent Scott, Broyles, and Walter Bishop), The Pattern, Massive Dynamics, etc to keep watching. Plus, none of the science makes sense to me (I never did well in any of my science classes in school) so I don’t even have to suspend belief to watch this show… cause it all sounds plausible to me! I’m lame, I know.

I’m not quite sold on Anna Torv as Olivia yet (she seemed a little wooden)… but I thought Lance Reddick (Broyles) and John Noble (Walter Bishop) were pretty awesome. It was SO GREAT to have Josh back on TV again but I wish his character wasn’t so sarcastic. He had a lot of one-liners that, I think, were supposed to be funny but ended up being distracting. A lot of his dialogue seemed out of place. :/ But it’s just the pilot so I’m hoping the writers will be more comfortable with the characters and the storylines and hit their stride in the next few episodes.

The last scene was my absolute favorite…
Nina Sharp: “How long has he been dead?”
Random Lab Tech: “About five hours.”
Nina Sharp: “Question him.”

Woohoo. My first official new show of the season! Feels so good.