oth s6 + entourage

Is it sad that I still read wedding blogs? I can’t help it.

Rob’s in Cabo for a bachelor party this weekend so Diesel and I are on our own for the weekend. Love it because I can take over the TV and watch The Hills! And my other guilty pleasure shows (possible spoilers?)…

One Tree Hill
Caught up with the new season. Nanny Carrie’s return sucks (why did she have to come back?!?). Q’s death sucks (I was just beginning to like him). Skills and Deb’s relationship is… questionable (I admit it is possible but I hate the execution). Brooke’s assault storyline bothers me. I mean, how can her FRIENDS not notice that something more serious than falling down the stairs is going on with her? Argh. But mostly because I get the uneasy feeling that her mom is involved with this somehow. And that gives me the creeps.

I *am* enjoying Lucas and Peyton — I can’t explain it. I love them together. Can they just be happy for once? I also love anything and everything involving Haley, Nathan, and Jamie. They’re so awesome.

Hmm. I still (begrudgingly) love this show.

Entourage, Season 4
We don’t have HBO so we rely on the DVDs to catch up with these boys. We breezed right through all 4 discs in a few days. For the first time, I cannot stand Vince. I used to be pretty indifferent to him but now his carefree attitude and misplaced loyalty (to Billy Walsh no less) bothers me. Ugh. I also never really liked E (why must he act like such a tool sometimes?) but I really respect his drive and ambition — he doesn’t “use” Vince (like Turtle, ugh) and he isn’t afraid to have opinions and share them. I continue to love Ari and adore Lloyd.

Ok, I’m off to watch this past week’s episode of 90210 (yes, I’m still watching… for now). Have a great weekend everyone!

PS – A co-worker let me borrow Eclipse. I can keep reading the series without paying a dime. Yay. 😀